Monday, June 18, 2007

Power 90 X Program

Yesterday I did something bad. I drank a 2 liter of diet pepsi. It was the new one with twice as much caffeine. It tasted so good and I had all the energy that I wanted to be able to do anything, including staying up for the movie "The pursuit of happyness" that I had rented. It was a terrible movie.

The problem came when the movie ended finally at 11:30. Then I couldn't sleep. I tossed and turned and tossed and turned until around 2 AM.

While I was tossing I kept getting frustrated and turning the TV on. An infomercial caught my eye. Immediately I thought, "Ugh, turn it off, they are all scams" This one seemed different. The exercise ones usually jump out at me as complete fakes, someone will use a new ab machine for 5 seconds and claim it's the best ab machine they've ever used. There are very few that actually get me to think that it could work. I have been duped by "The Great American Slim Down", "Bowflex" and before that "Soloflex", "John Basedow", and now "P90X". Most of the other ones have still had something that looks odd about them, John Basedow generally only shows him doing the exercises, I want to see lots of people that it works for, like I did with "Body for Life" when I read that book.

Bowflex I know works, and the models in the commercials are so beautiful that I want to be that.

But the P90X program looks like it really works. The people in it really do a full transformation and I want that. But it doesn't look easy. Most exercise programs make it sound like you just have to show up and you'll lose weight and look better. The P90X commercial even said "In just one hour a day". That's right an hour every day. It's a hard workout and that's why it works. I don't exercise an hour a day, especially with lifting weights, because I don't have enough of a program set up that I need to do that, with more focus I may be able to make huge improvements with my strength.

So did I get it? No, It still cost $120 and although that's for 12 workouts at only $10 each, it's way too much for my little budget. But it got me thinking about if it really worked beyond the infomercial.

There seems to be a really nice review at a blog called Shaping My Way. The most important link in that article is the one to the fitness test. This program looks interesting and I would like to give it a shot some day, but just reading the test I know that I have a long way to go before I can start. It's good that they provide a fitness test for where you need to be to begin the program. I wish they would have pushed that a little more on the infomercial. Then it would appear that they really are trying to take people to the next level and not just sell a product.