Saturday, June 09, 2007

Nervous energy

I'm about to shut down my body for the night, so I can get up earlier than ever for tomorrow morning's run. I want to be out of the house by 4:30. I'm excited and nervous both as I prepare to finally beat the 13 mile barrier that's out there. I have an out and back course that I mapped out on that is actually going to be 14.5 miles. Once I make it half way, I have to make it back.

For tomorrow I'm doing things differently.

  1. I have my camelback that I'm taking on the it's first run of the year.
  2. I didn't drink any caffeine today.
  3. I did amazingly positive things, like called Katie, and snuggled with my kids and my wife.
  4. I treated myself to chips and ice cream. All in moderation though, it was a pretty healthy day.
  5. I drank 12-15 glasses of water (I lost count).
  6. I plan on eating a granola bar before I leave and bringing one with me.
Going into tomorrow, physically I only have 2 fears. First that my ankles will give out. Both of them have been feeling compacted, I think it's a result of the mileage on the shoes finally winning, making it time for new ones. And potty. The past 3 long runs I have had to go bad in the middle of the run. Tomorrow is completely in the country, there is no place to stop. I'm going to stick some TP in my Camelback and use it in the middle of nowhere if I have to. If I do, it will be the first time I have to.

Time to finish getting ready, I'll post how it felt tomorrow.