Friday, June 22, 2007

My blogging addiction

I admit it. I have a blogging addiction. This is not some anonymous group that I'm admitting it to. If you are reading this, then there's a chance that you too have a blogging addiction. Me, I love to read and post to blogs both. This is my 5th blog post today. You only see one you say. Ha, I post to other blogs. I maintain more than one. At work I talked my boss into setting up a blog for the large project that I'm a part of in order to give it more visibility, but that only works if someone blogs. Guess who volunteered. That's right, me.

I've started asking myself why I blog so much. I'm a pretty smart guy, and I have a lot of opinions I don't mind sharing, but that doesn't mean I should love blogging. Why is it that I like to share my life with potential complete strangers? Maybe I'm trying to make up for a lack of friendships earlier in life.... I don't know, but when I do get to thinking like this there's only ever one thing to do. Blog about it.

Ok, so my blogging is a downward spiral into online writing hell. I'm open to spam and criticism from anyone and everyone, and it's damn easy to find me if you are looking. So blogging has some merits, it helps me develop written communication, and take criticism well. Mainly I blog though, because there may be something that I've learned, or that's happened to me that someone else may relate to and learn from. Some things can only be learned through experience, but others can be learned by reading. I also blog thinking that one day, just maybe, I'm going to build and find that intellectually close friendship that I never had when I was growing up. Someone to go back and forth with over email and blogs. Together we will push each other to learn more about who we are and where we fit in life. Then my blogging will be fully meaningful. Until then though, I'll just live with my addiction, after all, it is fun.