Sunday, June 03, 2007

I hate racists

It drives me nuts listening to and reading about racists. I hate when people who are in sports or the media are racist. I know that it's not gone completely, but a majority of people just try to be fair to everyone. I read this article by Gary Sheffield which has him saying that the reason that there aren't more blacks is that it's easier to control Latinos than it is to control blacks.

This is stupid. The report that is done shows that just over 50% of the players are white. If the goal of management was to have players to control wouldn't they all be "slave like"? And why is it that baseball would try to control players by doing stupid things like paying them 20 million a year? The average salary is 3 million, and the base salary is about 300,000. That doesn't sound like slavery or racism in any way. It doesn't sound like trying to keep a person down. In fact what it sounds more like is that Gary Sheffield is embarrassed that he doesn't know why there aren't more blacks in baseball.

My personal opinion for why there aren't more blacks in baseball is that it's not as exciting to most people as basketball and football are. Both sports have more action and more contact. They are exciting, no matter what color you are. I love the intricacies associated with baseball, the way taking 3 steps this way before a pitch can be the difference between an easy out and a double. The skill of hitting a small round ball with round stick in a space where there isn't someone to catch it is awesome.