Monday, June 11, 2007

Chance & Change

You can buy Keith Hampton's new album at CD Baby. I got mine a few months ago, and love to listen to it. A few of the songs are very inspiring to me, they are great for me to listen to when I want to be introspective. Many of my favorite songs are inspiring to me in one way or another. Keith's music tends to be more on the introspective side. He's got great melody's and a great voice.

My favorite from the CD is probably the first song "Turn the Wheel". I have caught myself saying "letting go is not the same as losing", and now, I'll think back to this song. It's a great song with a faster beat, that I love.

My next favorite is probably "Storm Warning". Having heard Keith sing many times in his baritone lullaby voice, I am extremely excited by this more upbeat sound from him.
(note: You can listen to "Turn the Wheel" at Keith's MySpace page.)

Keith is a life long friend of mine, and we've gone through a lot together growing up. It's good that he's been able to stick with his love of music in his career. Too many times people give up on things that they love simply because they don't know what they need to do next to try to make that part of their career. Kudos to the great album Keith, I look forward to the next one already.