Tuesday, June 05, 2007

As chance would have it...

I was bored the other day. I was at a place where I could do pretty much anything that I wanted to on the computer, but nothing else.

As chance would have it, I had already read every email in my 2 different email accounts and written responses to everyone that I had an immediate response for.

I then frittered away my time ready every blog entry in my RSS Reader. However, I was in a very alert mood and all 75 articles took almost no time.

I was stuck on the computer, with nothing of significance to do. Now if I had an up to date and completely accurate list of everything that I want to do (read, GTD mind dump complete), then I may have had something way on the back burner that I wanted to do. However, instead I just wanted to spend some time learning or reading something new.

So I did what any self respecting geek does, I opened my bookmarks of articles and blogs that looked like at one point they may interest me, but I hadn't had the time to devote to actually reading them yet folder. This is the absolute black hole of bookmark folders. It's the Yeah right like I'll ever have the time to devote to spend reading this, but if I do, what the heck folder. It's where really good interesting links go to die. . . .It's called stuff.

So I started going through my stuff folder and reading articles and blogs and going their blogroles, and clicking links for comments on articles, and ....

I ended up finding several new blogs to add to my normal list of things to keep up on. This is getting to be a big list.

The best article I read was about how Tivo can save a marriage. It was interesting. Erin and I have talked about getting a Tivo in the past. She wants one, and I have constantly thought, "But a VCR can do that". Now as I think about it though, there are lots of good reasons to get a Tivo. We have different tastes in shows, and she's home all day long, so shows that she would normally miss while I'm monopolizing the tv at night could be watched the next day. Kids shows that we prefer the kids to watch, but are on when the kids are still in bed or at school could be recorded and watched instead of things that we don't like as much that happen to be on when they are in front of the Tv. Pausing live TV. This one has always been interesting to me. Not as much for sports as for movies on the movie channels. Since we have movie channels we don't rent a lot of movies, but some of those start as we are putting the kids to bed. Being able to pause the movie for 15 minutes while we put the kids to bed would be awesome. Also for me to be able to watch a full baseball game that starts before I can start watching Tv is great.

Finally the best reason to get Tivo is that watching a show a day later saves time. A 30 minute show is only on for about 22 minutes. Being able to finish a show faster means more time to read, clean, sleep, blog, etc. Now I just have to figure out how much it is and if it is affordable to us.

Erin, I know you are probably drooling now asking the same question I am...Is Tivo in my future?