Friday, June 01, 2007

An agile life.

I've been reading a lot about agile while I've been working on projects at work.

It's a way to be flexible with what needs to be done. I think Agile works very well with Getting Things Done. My analytical mind has melded them into an agile lifestyle.

There are great things that are mentioned in both Agile and GTD.
1. Constant review.
-- Agile: Daily standups asking "What did I do yesterday, what am I planning to do today, what's in my way?"
-- GTD: Any free time grab the list for the context you are in and figure out what you can do. Weekly review of everything where you decide what's next on every project.

2. Flexibility
-- Agile: Priorities of what to do can change on short iterations.
-- GTD: Where you are determines what can be done, and you decide the priorities in that context on the fly.

3. More Direction
-- Agile: Decide the business value of what you are doing and work towards the outcome.
-- GTD: anywhere you are, you probably have something to, if not then make the conscious decision that "nothing" is what you want to do.

4. Improvements:
-- Agile: Weekly reviews to learn from mistakes and to find things that went well to keep doing.
-- GTD: Weekly reviews should include finding what went well.

There are lots of books and processes on how to organize and prioritize your life, most are either home or work, GTD is one of the few that really bridges that gap and says there is no difference, it's organizing your life, your life is both work and home. Both need to be figured out or you'll have unnecessary stress, which will cause problems in whichever area of your life is out of balance.

Agile is directed specifically at software development, but I see the opportunity to extrapolate the ideas behind agile for application in the rest of life. GTD seems to be a lot of that already, without the specific mapping back to Agile.