Thursday, May 10, 2007

An unexpected visit

A door to door salesman stopped by offering to give us a quote on windows the other day. Erin tried to politely tell them that we wanted windows but weren't interested. However, they took that as, we'll come by and give you a demo.

Tonight the demo took place. Midstate Windows and Sidings I was a bit shocked that the salesman didn't have a business card, didn't have any pamphlets to leave behind for us to look at, and wrote out the estimate for us on a torn quarter sheet of legal pad. It seemed very unprofessional for everything. The price quoted in order to put in the windows that we are looking for seems to be a pretty fair price, but the salesman himself seemed unprofessional.

I doubt we do it. He said they help with financing, but what they do is submit a loan application for a home equity loan for us, in our name. We've only lived in this house for 2 years, I'm not ready to take out another loan against the house in order to get windows.

For now, I think we will have to pass on the offer, but who knows, maybe next year our finances will be better and we'll be able to work something out.