Thursday, May 24, 2007

Training last Friday

After a night of not being able to fall asleep, I slept in this morning. 7 AM was a great time to wake up. By 7:30 I was walking to my training, this time prepared and knowing exactly where I was going. It was another mile walk.

On the way I passed a Starbucks and took advantage of it. Registration wasn't supposed to start until 8:15, but at 8 there were already 5 people in line and registered.

The first thing I thought walking in the door of the hotel was "I'm under dressed."

The lighting and giant glass bottles were beautiful. the training room, set up for about 200 people had wine goblets and a 12 oz glass water bottle at each chair. The water was by VOSS, which I've never seen anything like. It was pretty neat.

The continental breakfast was the standard bagel, muffin, and pastry, however the dim lighting took away a little room it because nobody could tell what was in any of the bagels or muffins. one lady even got a glass of grape juice only gag and say "I think it's cranberry".

It was really neat walking under the L and past places that I've recognized from movies. It brought images of Blues Brothers, the Fugitive and other movies that I can't even remember the names of rushing to my mind.

The training itself was good. It was a training for Getting Things Done, which is a really cool program. Last December I finished reading the book and wrote about GTD here. I still love the idea of GTD and it has made some great improvements in my own organization for things. I have done better with it in my professional life than in my personal life. At work everything is managed by my manager and priorities for what makes them the most money. At home things are a lot more vague. It's harder to organize and prioritize with so many different things pulling at me from different directions. I have made some progress in getting things under control, and I feel a lot better about filing papers and getting the bills paid. I still don't have time to do everything that I want to do, or everything that's on my list, but I feel a lot better about not doing it because I know that some of my other priorities are higher (such as exercising, keeping dishes clean, keeping the house clean). However, I do feel like I'm getting more control of my life and that's very stress relieving.