Monday, May 14, 2007

Great day bowling.

To start with, I'm still a little sore. I went bowling with as a team building activity for work on Friday. It was great. I bowled 4 games: 121, 139, 124, 170. The 170 is the highest score that I have ever gotten, my previous high was 159. Saturday though, my left leg was so sore that I was limping everywhere I went, and I couldn't open a bottle with my right hand. Sunday I hurt almost as bad. Today I feel a lot better. I still have soreness in both places but I'm back to about 90% of normal.

Friday was my birthday. I'm 31. I had a really good day with some neat hand made gifts from my kids. My wife told me happy birthday first thing in the morning, and my parents called me before I got to work. My ex-wife even sent me a happy birthday reminder on instant messenger. Thank you all for remembering my day and making me feel special. The rest of my day was blessed with a shortened work day, filled with half a day of bowling. Then I came home and took my kids to dinner where I got a free Strawberry Shortcake dessert that we all split. The kids and Erin made Peanut Butter cookies (my favorite) and I had a good soft warm cookie. It was a great birthday.