Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A close call

Today at work I was sitting in a conference room with the others that are working on my project, just before lunch. Someone knocks on the door and sticks his head in, he says, we need to evacuate the building, we have a suspicious package. Immediately the rumors started flying about what it was. The evacuation ended up lasting 4 hours. Long story short it was harmless and the investigation into the originator of the package continues. I wasn't worried about anything. A few years ago just after the Anthrax scare we received an envelope with powder in it and were concerned it may have been Anthrax.

It does go to show that people who owe lots of money can get really upset about the fact that they let their own bills get out of hand and didn't pay them. I wish they would handle it in another way rather than sending threatening mail. Declare Bankruptcy and get out of debt. It gets collectors off of your back and sets you up to start over. It's much better than potentially spending time in jail.