Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Acrobat Ady

Tonight we took the kids to the park. Nothing special, just playing at the park for a while before eating dinner. While we were there Ady was swinging and I started pushing her. She was doing great and having a blast as I would run along next to her and make funny noises from time to time.

After a few minutes, for some reason, she let go with her right hand. Immediately, OMG, OMG, OMG. She did an acrobatic flip, backwards over the seat and landed on her belly, and face area. I didn't see if she got her hands up in front of her to break her fall. I went running up to her immediately thinking "Oh no, a broken bone!" When I got there I immediately picked her up and held her close, but I didn't want to worry her too much, so I said, "You have stuff in your hair". Her response was great. "Yeah, and some here." Then she looked at her left knee and pointed out a scrape to me. I sat her down and off we went to play on other toys. She didn't complain about anything and she was great!! I was amazed at how she responded to the amazing flip and landing she just had.