Monday, April 23, 2007


I'm surprised at how often I'm reading that A-Rod will leave New York at the end of this year. Here's why I think he will stay.

1. He's on fire and gaining favor with the New York fans.
2. Even though he's the best paid player in baseball, he's been that way for 5 years. Until some team starts paying high enough that he'll get a raise, it's not worth it.
3. Leaving New York, is an admission of failure. A-Rod is not a failure, and will do everything within his power to make sure that's the case. He's an awesome player that gets the overrated tag put on him when it shouldn't be. He's rather give New York fans a big "I told you I'm this good" (or I told you so) instead of leaving.
4. A-Rod is already pretty much guaranteed a Hall of Fame spot, what he doesn't have is a ring. There's no place that he can go that's more likely to earn him one than the perennial power house Yankees. Boston is always competing to keep up with the Yankees, it's never the other way around.
5. A-Rod's best chance to set even more hall of fame records is to maintain his amazing ability among other great players. The more protection he has in the lineup, the better pitches he'll see. The more people that are on base in front of him, the more RBIs he'll get. Staying in New York helps his Hall of Fame chances even more.

That's why I think A-Rod will finish his contract with the Yankees. And why he'll talk seriously with them about extending his contract when the time comes.