Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter morning run

Easter ended up being a good day for my running. Wih my marathon still 6 months away, I feel like I have forever to prepare. The training program looks like I should be able to follow it, especially when it starts to warm up and I don't feel cold going out for my run in the morning during the week.

This week I ran 5.75 miles. I thought that the distance from my house to Aunt Shel's house was 6 miles, but it comes up just short at 5.75. I love the tools at They have piggybacked on Google's map data and display the altitude for my runs. I went up 194 ft and down 172 ft. But it wasn't a lot of rolling hills I ended with a huge hil of just over 100 ft. I'm impressed that I could handle that kind of hill after the distance. When I get into my longer runs I plan on finishing with this as my last 6 miles because the hill will end each of my runs with a challenge.

I was worried that only adding 10% to each run wouldn't be enough to get me up to a marathon, but according to my calculations with running 5.75 miles this week, if I do add 10% to each long run every week until the marathon, that day I'll be running 82.9 miles. It will only take 16 weeks to increase my distance to 26.4 miles 10% at a time.

I love the run/walk program from Jeff Galloway so far. I ran part of this same route a few weeks ago and at that time (just before having purchased his book) I was trying to run 10 minutes and walk 1. This time though I was running 4 minutes and walking 1. This time at 10 minutes and 20 minutes I had covered more ground than last time, and I was at the exact same spot at 31 minutes. Last time I turned around at that point. This time I kept going. However the distance to keep going was more than the distance home, and I finished stronger than I did last time over a more difficult course.

Now my goal is to drop some weight while training. I will speed up and put less strain on my knees if I drop some weight.