Thursday, April 12, 2007

Cheap solutions

I love solving problems. I left my little corner closet that a group of us are working in right now and notice a Supervisor with yarn taped to a white board and a little 2 inch square in his hand tracing squares on the board. Why would a supervisor be taking a lot of time to do something like that, surely there is someone who is paid less that could do that. I walked up and asked him "With what you get paid, how much has this track of squares cost us?" He answered , "Honestly, x" (I don't want to reveal the amount).

Anyway I said, you have the outline of the track with the yarn, why don't you just trace the outline then draw across to get your divisions?

"Where were you an hour ago when I started this?"

Yeah, I was busy working in the corner. At least I saved another half hour of wasted square tracing.

I love solving problems.