Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Battle of the MLB Game Trackers

I'm in heaven, it's baseball season again, and like early every spring there seems to be more daytime games now than later in the year. The past several years have been good to me because I can track any game I want pitch by pitch and do it using one of many different trackers. The ones that I know of and have used are: - MLB Gameday - Game Channel - Game Center - GameCast

My favorite again this year, by far is ESPN GameCast. I haven't had any problems this year with it refreshing quickly. I prefer the more simplistic layout with less information than the other ones, plus when a pitch comes and goes a little ball moves on the screen, it doesn't just say batter flied out to center, it shows a popup.

Just about the only thing that I would like to see changed with it, is balls pitched outside the strikezone, I would like to see show up on the pitching chart more accurately as outside the strike zone. Many times I've seen a game while watching and the ball is a good foot off the plate, but GameCast has it on the edge of the zone called a ball. It would be more understandable why with 2 strikes a batter is laying off a pitch a foot outside the strikezone instead of one on the edge.