Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Ding dong

What? It's after 9 at night and the house is totally dark. I'm sitting in my bedroom preparing for bed, quickly checking my email (because I'm addicted) before turning out the last light, who could possibly be ringing the doorbell?

I answer, hello?
"Are you keeping that mattress in your trash by your garage?"
Uh, no, it's in the trash.
"Is anything wrong with it?"
Not that I know of. I bought it at an auction for 3$, it was really clean then, but it's been in my garage for weeks and I don't need it.
"Can we take it?"
That's fine by me, it's in the garbage.
"You sure you don't mind?"
No it's in the garbage.

Ok instead of back to getting ready for bed it's time to post. I can't believe I had to keep saying "No it's in the garbage."