Thursday, March 29, 2007

Car Lovers

Are you one of those people who is always looking for a really neat car that's not popular? I've heard so many people talk about wanting a car that's awesome that nobody else has. I've often pointed out that if a car is that awesome then everyone will want it. Instead though, you can now buy a neat new hybrid in England. Something that would set you apart. Ok, not sure if it would go over in America, but you can read about it at Green Car Congress.

This got me thinking about car companies. I don't know why it is, but there are no new little car companies like this in America. The new car companies all come from overseas. I don't believe that American ingenuity is just that lacking. I like to think that we are at least on par with the other smart countries. Instead I think it's more that government oversight causes a problem. There are so many steps to deal with when making a car in America that it's not worth it. Even if an American did have a great idea for a new car or a new car company, it would either be sold to an existing car company, or taken overseas to start. The government shouldn't get in the way. The x-prize proved that private companies can do what until now has required the government for, let it be done in other industries as well. X-Prize for hybrids, x-prize for Green energy and batteries, and whatever else. It may even be cheaper to put an x-prize out there than to have the government pay for the research. Plus there will be competing methods of getting to the same final goal making the end product cheaper in the long run.