Thursday, February 15, 2007

Singletary interviews again.

I was really pulling for ex-Bear Mike Singletary to get the job in Dallas, I think he would have been a great fit for that organization. Now he's interviewing with San Diego. I hope he gets the job because I think he's ready to be a head coach in the NFL. However, I worry about the organization. Not many coaches have the chance to go to a team that was 14-2 the previous season. Not many coaches get to come in and coach one of the most dynamic players in all of football in their prime after that kind of season. It's just not normal for a team like that to have coaching turnover.

Whoever gets the job has a big task ahead of him. He'll have to top a 14-2 season. That's a lot to ask from a coach in their first year with a new team.