Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Quick update

I've had lots of stuff going on lately that's been keeping me from posting. Here's a quick recap of recent events.

  • I'm learning a new programming language at work, so a lot of my free time is going to studying it.
  • Family time is very important to me, and I had been neglecting it, now I am spending most of the time that the kids are awake with the family, keeping my computer time down to a minimum.
  • Erin and I are still using SparkPeople.com to track our exercise and weight loss. I like the forums and participation with other people who are also trying to lose weight.
  • With Spark, I have been exercising 6 days a week from 30-60 minutes, mostly after the kids are in bed, which leaves me with very little time to do things.
  • Since the first of the year Erin and I have been vegetarian. This has been going well, but causes more work. Meals take longer to prepare, mostly because it takes longer to decide what we want. Also we are using more pots and pans which leaves me with more dishes to do. These are all good things for my health, but take time away from sharing my life with you.
That's the standard stuff that's been keeping me busy.

Hot News
  • Jonas fell down the stairs Monday night right after I got home from work. After a precautionary trip to the ER he saw the orthopedic surgeon to get a cast on his broken arm today. He'll be back tomorrow, so I'll get some pictures posted later this week.
  • This weekend the time completely disappeared, I spent more time than ever with my family, we just had a really great weekend of family time.
  • I am getting a tattoo on Thursday. I've wanted one for over 6 years but never found what I wanted. A few weeks ago I setup an appointment with a guy in Springfield who is supposed to be awesome. The next day Erin found me the design that matches in my head exactly the type of thing I've wanted. If I found this 6 years ago I would have already had a tattoo. Finally I will have a great tattoo. I'm very excited. I'll get pictures of it up in a week or so.
  • Jonas has his 2nd dentist appointment next week. He did an awesome job at the first one, I expect him to do great again.
  • As kind of an early 1 year anniversary present, I bought Erin and I tickets to go watch Billy Joel in St. Louis at the end of April. She loves Billy Joel, and it's one of her dreams to be able to see him in concert. She even had special Billy Joel songs picked out that were playing on repeat for each of our kids births, now they have a special link to Billy Joel as well.
I am trying to get things all situated so I can find a more consistent way to blog, hopefully there will be more posts in the near future.