Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jonas broke his arm.

As I mentioned yesterday Jonas fell down on Monday night and broke his arm. Here are some pictures. I didn't get anything from the first night at the ER. I didn't think was going to be anything other than precautionary, after the ER, I met Trish half way so he could go to his own orthapedic surgeon for the cast. You can see the break in the x-ray. He is in good spirits as he has to sit for the next 4 days with his hand up above his heart to prevent the swelling.

He was creative enough to put his arm up on a pillow so he could lay down and color on the floor. If you look in that picture you can see a white line running the length of his cast. That's where it had to be cut today to relieve the pressure from his hand which had swollen a lot. Thankfully the swelling has gone down, and now he's in good spirits about everything.