Monday, February 05, 2007

Da Bears

I want to post Da Bums. I don't think that there was a way that the Bears could overcome Rex Grossman last night. They tried. With no passing offense Thomas Jones still rushed for 100 yards. With no rest the defense held the Colts offense to field goal attempt time after time, and even came up with enough luck for a missed extra point and a missed field goal. The defense gave the Bears the ball back twice. They didn't even get to rest for a 3 and out from the offense. Grossman handed it right back to the Colts both times. The only thing that I can hope and pray, is that Grossman at least had a big bet down against the Bears. I'd feel better knowing he did that on purpose than I do thinking that he just sucks this bad.

When you look back at the season from good Rex to bad Rex as they like to call him, it is almost exclusively bad Rex. There were 4 great games from him this season, anything else was mediocre, and nothing in the post season was great.

Either he has to be more consistent, or if Lovie stays with him all next year, Lovie may be looking for a new job of his own.