Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Tattoo

Here's a picture of my new tatto. The words are in German and say "tu etwas" which means "do something" for any interested.

Thankfully the only problem the camera had is that it doesn't like cheap batteries. Putting the electronics rechargable batteries back into it (after they charged) had it working like normal.

Jaden having fun

Here's some pics of Jaden. He and I were building with the legos the other day and he stayed busy with it for an hour.

He's also here eating a full piece of pizza and taking bites of it.

Friday, February 23, 2007

My new tattoo

I got my tattoo yesterday. It's my first and I'm already thinking of more, not for a while, but more.

The picture will be slow in coming, because my camera decided to crap out today. I can turn it on and view the pictures on it, but I can't turn it on to take any new pictures. I'm not sure what to do about it at the moment.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Laurie Berkner

I'm very late with this, and none of our 3 pictures of Laurie Berkner herself turned out, but here we are sitting in the balcony before she came out to sing. We had a pretty good time that day, the kids all ended up being really tired and almost fell asleep in the concert, at least they waited until we got back to the car for that. The funniest moment was when Jaden stood on the chair and it folded up with his feet stuck between the seat and the back of the chair.

Weekend fun

Here we are having fun out in the snow on Sunday. Jaden didn't have nearly as much fun as the rest of us did. Jonas and Ady were having a blast. Jonas was rolling around crawling around in the snow. Ady wasn't crawling, but she was constantly stumbling through the knee high snow and having to fight to get up. Both of them loved it.

Jonas broke his arm.

As I mentioned yesterday Jonas fell down on Monday night and broke his arm. Here are some pictures. I didn't get anything from the first night at the ER. I didn't think was going to be anything other than precautionary, after the ER, I met Trish half way so he could go to his own orthapedic surgeon for the cast. You can see the break in the x-ray. He is in good spirits as he has to sit for the next 4 days with his hand up above his heart to prevent the swelling.

He was creative enough to put his arm up on a pillow so he could lay down and color on the floor. If you look in that picture you can see a white line running the length of his cast. That's where it had to be cut today to relieve the pressure from his hand which had swollen a lot. Thankfully the swelling has gone down, and now he's in good spirits about everything.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Quick update

I've had lots of stuff going on lately that's been keeping me from posting. Here's a quick recap of recent events.

  • I'm learning a new programming language at work, so a lot of my free time is going to studying it.
  • Family time is very important to me, and I had been neglecting it, now I am spending most of the time that the kids are awake with the family, keeping my computer time down to a minimum.
  • Erin and I are still using to track our exercise and weight loss. I like the forums and participation with other people who are also trying to lose weight.
  • With Spark, I have been exercising 6 days a week from 30-60 minutes, mostly after the kids are in bed, which leaves me with very little time to do things.
  • Since the first of the year Erin and I have been vegetarian. This has been going well, but causes more work. Meals take longer to prepare, mostly because it takes longer to decide what we want. Also we are using more pots and pans which leaves me with more dishes to do. These are all good things for my health, but take time away from sharing my life with you.
That's the standard stuff that's been keeping me busy.

Hot News
  • Jonas fell down the stairs Monday night right after I got home from work. After a precautionary trip to the ER he saw the orthopedic surgeon to get a cast on his broken arm today. He'll be back tomorrow, so I'll get some pictures posted later this week.
  • This weekend the time completely disappeared, I spent more time than ever with my family, we just had a really great weekend of family time.
  • I am getting a tattoo on Thursday. I've wanted one for over 6 years but never found what I wanted. A few weeks ago I setup an appointment with a guy in Springfield who is supposed to be awesome. The next day Erin found me the design that matches in my head exactly the type of thing I've wanted. If I found this 6 years ago I would have already had a tattoo. Finally I will have a great tattoo. I'm very excited. I'll get pictures of it up in a week or so.
  • Jonas has his 2nd dentist appointment next week. He did an awesome job at the first one, I expect him to do great again.
  • As kind of an early 1 year anniversary present, I bought Erin and I tickets to go watch Billy Joel in St. Louis at the end of April. She loves Billy Joel, and it's one of her dreams to be able to see him in concert. She even had special Billy Joel songs picked out that were playing on repeat for each of our kids births, now they have a special link to Billy Joel as well.
I am trying to get things all situated so I can find a more consistent way to blog, hopefully there will be more posts in the near future.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Singletary interviews again.

I was really pulling for ex-Bear Mike Singletary to get the job in Dallas, I think he would have been a great fit for that organization. Now he's interviewing with San Diego. I hope he gets the job because I think he's ready to be a head coach in the NFL. However, I worry about the organization. Not many coaches have the chance to go to a team that was 14-2 the previous season. Not many coaches get to come in and coach one of the most dynamic players in all of football in their prime after that kind of season. It's just not normal for a team like that to have coaching turnover.

Whoever gets the job has a big task ahead of him. He'll have to top a 14-2 season. That's a lot to ask from a coach in their first year with a new team.

Kerry Wood hurt again

Kerry Wood apparently has decided that being a decent has been pays better than working for a living, he has found a way to get hurt again. Today he fell getting out of his hot tub.

I figure about his 2nd game he'll sneeze his back out, then 6 weeks later he'll fall down some stairs getting the newspaper. A couple of million later he'll be ready for a new contract with a lot of potential, a 3-5 record with 5.6 ERA and he'll find a way to make 4 million. Crappy players today get paid way too much money.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Illinois Driver's license program

Jesse White is proposing to change the driver's license in Illinois again. This time, thankfully, it is by requiring more practice time before getting a license and more driving time in Driver's Education along with a 9 month permit time instead of the current 3 month permit time.

On all of these I agree. Kids will drive better when they have additional training time. However, there are some other rules that I disagree with.
1. The number of passengers allowed in the car. When kids get their license they can now pick up their friends and take them to school. This is called carpooling any other time, but with "new" drivers, it's considered dangerous. I disagree. Having less cars on the road means less chances for accidents, keep it down to the minimum, allow kids to drive more of their friends to and from school. I think that the real purpose of this change is to prevent kids from piling in a car and driving around crazy late at night. Ok, no problem, if that's the case then make that the rule. Only 2 non family members after 8 PM. I have no problem with that, but anything else doesn't make sense. I was in band myself in school and when we would get back from a long day for a performance at 9 or 10 pm, it was just easier to pile 6 of us into one car and have the driver drop us all at home.

2. Curfew. The new curfew proposed is 10 PM on weeknights and 11 on Weekends for anyone under 18. I completely disagree here. I had many times that school activities didn't get me back before curfew. Plus as soon as I could work I did. I wouldn't get off of work until after these curfew times. This change is not a welcome change. Preventing kids from being able to work and become a part of this world by learning how to make it outisde of school is part of growing up.

3. Making parents responsible for their kids traffic problems. It bothers me that a 12 year old can be held accountable as an adult in murder charges, but speeding will require an adult to show up on court with their children. What is the standard? Either we treat them as adults or we don't. At 16 almost nobody is really mentally mature enough to be considered adult, but that holds for the 12 year olds that we have put in jail for life as well. With the other proposed changes a 16 year old will have to have 50 hours of driving with a parent plus the driver's education and they have taken and written and driven driving test. At that point they know the rules and the consequences. There should be no reason that the parent has to be forced to go to court. I think many would, and probably already do, just to support their children, but I don't like it as a low that forces them.

The problem with kids driving is that it's a new freedom and they will push it to it's limit before they understand what it really means for them, even I did this. The reason I like these changes is that 16 seems to be a good enough age to teach kids to drive. They are still at home and accountable to parents,. but they are also old enough to understand everything. I completely hate the idea of pushing back the minimum driving age to 18. There are too many jobs that would be lost from the 16-18 group. Plus all of the same issues with being a new driver will still happen, it's just that they wouldn't happen until 18. It doesn't matter what the minimum driving age is. The first few years there are going to be more accidents and problems, because you don't get experienced without doing it. The only reason a 30 year old is less likely to have an accident than a 16 year old is because of the 14 years of driving. Make the minimum age to drive 25 and at 30 the number of accidents will be up because they've only had 5 years experience. You can't get experience by not doing something.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Da Bears

I want to post Da Bums. I don't think that there was a way that the Bears could overcome Rex Grossman last night. They tried. With no passing offense Thomas Jones still rushed for 100 yards. With no rest the defense held the Colts offense to field goal attempt time after time, and even came up with enough luck for a missed extra point and a missed field goal. The defense gave the Bears the ball back twice. They didn't even get to rest for a 3 and out from the offense. Grossman handed it right back to the Colts both times. The only thing that I can hope and pray, is that Grossman at least had a big bet down against the Bears. I'd feel better knowing he did that on purpose than I do thinking that he just sucks this bad.

When you look back at the season from good Rex to bad Rex as they like to call him, it is almost exclusively bad Rex. There were 4 great games from him this season, anything else was mediocre, and nothing in the post season was great.

Either he has to be more consistent, or if Lovie stays with him all next year, Lovie may be looking for a new job of his own.