Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Too Much to do?

Bloomington, IL has recently built a several new venues for entertainment. There is the Cellular One Collosium, and The Bloomington Center for the Performing Arts. NPR ran a program the other day stating that even though both have had more attendance than projected, that people are complaining that there is too much to do. People are complaining that there's too much to do. Are you kidding me? There's still only 3 venues for entertainment and things are scheduled far enough in advance that the only real problem is people prioritizing what it is that they want to go and see. If you want to see a show, but have hockey tickets, then sell them or give them away, you have a month at least to plan.

Personally I like the extra entertainment. Having both the colloseium and the civic center will help to bring in people from larger cities and give them more to do. Bloomington is the fastest growing city in the state. It needs to keep spending money to improve the town. There are 2 things that will bring people to Bloomington. Good jobs, and things to do. State Farm has provided the good jobs and unemployment in the town is lower than in most of the state. Now with the Collesium and the Civic center there are 3 good venues for events.