Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Quick football thoughts

The Bears will win the Superbowl. The experts have already picked Indianapolis to win. The Bears, with the best record in the NFC this year have been underdogs time and again. They just find a way to win. Football frustrated me a few years ago when the Ravens and then the Panthers each won the Superbowl. Both teams had the same kind of luck that the Bears have this year. It doesn't seem to matter how bad of a game they are having, something just falls right for them to win. Some people are predicting that Rex Grossman will show up and be good. I think he'll have about 5 really good plays and the rest will be completely mediocre. But that's ok, because the Bears defense will continue to dominate by taking the ball away. Peyton Manning is a great quarterback, but my prediction is that it's the Bears defense that wins this game while the Colts defense goes back to having trouble stopping the 1-2 and sometimes 3 punch of the Chicago Bears running game.

Dallas Cowboys
One of my favorite coaches has retired again. For the sake of his legacy I hope he doesn't return. I love Bill Parcells, but I think he has lost something. Maybe it's just that today's players don't listen to his kind of tough love as they used to in the olden days. He hasn't won a Superbowl since coaching with the Giants, and even though his career record is a winning record, there are a lot more blips on it from restarting than there should have been. He was the start of the New England Patriots dominance. He brought on a lot of the talent that was still there when Bill Bilicheck took over from Pete Carroll, whom I always thought was a joke in the pros. Then he turned around the Jets who hadn't won anything since Joe Namath and made them a contender. Since then they have been a contender almost every year. Parcells legacy at a franchise seems to outlive him. I think he has a better effect on the organization and other management personnel than he does on the players. For that reason, and since he obviously still loves football I hope he gets a job somewhere up the food chain from head coach. Someone can make him a consultant.

Many are saying he left Jerry Jones in a tough spot where he can't get a big name to come and coach. Honestly though there are only 2 coaches in the NFL that would be a big name worth getting, Jeff Fisher and Bill Cowher, neither of which are available. This can be good for Jerry. Now he can get the underdog unknown coach and give him a shot. Ron Rivera's name has been thrown out a lot. I think he would be a good head coach. I wonder if co-head coach Mike Singletary would leave San Francisco to join his old teammate. There could be a reunion of '85 Bears coaching in Dallas. They may even be able to get Dan Hampton (radio announcer) or Richard Dent (Defensive coach with Chicago) to also join. Everyone talks about how Parcells and Dungy and other coaches have a coaching legacy. What about Tom Landry and George Hallas? Mike Ditka is a result of both of them, and so are all of his ex-players that are now coaching. The '85 Bears defense-turned coaches are built in his image, not in that of Buddy Ryan. I hope Jerry Jones does something completely unpredictable and gives someone a chance. I remember Deion Sanders wanting to coach a few years ago, he played in Dallas, maybe there's another chance for him. If he does, remember I predicted it here.

Tennessee Titans
Look for Jeff Fisher to get a contract extension. There is no better consistent coach in football right now. He even took this years misfits in a rebuilding year and after starting 0-5 ended up 8-8. That's right he ended up stronger than than the Indianapolis Colts did. They should be in contention next year, now that Vince Young has a year of experience.

Chicago Bears
Don't look for the Bears to lose too much in the way of coaching. No matter what the rumors are, teams generally don't want to wait until after the Superbowl to make their coaching changes. They like to have a staff in place by then, which leaves the great potential coaches from Superbowl teams stuck for a year or more. That's the only reason that Charlie Weis didn't get an NFL job before he took over at Notre Dame.