Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years resolution

I was discussing New Years resolutions the other day, and my friend said she doesn't make them because she doesn't follow through with them. I tried to suggest a resolution that was more within reach than maybe what she normally makes, but she was set on not making a resolution.

That got me thinkng about New Years resolutions. I don't look at New Years resolutions any differently than any other goals that I make, it's just that the New Year is a good time to sit back and reflect on a year and start planning your continuing progress for the next year. Resolutions are short term goals of things that you want to accomplish within the next year. They are not some burden to be added to your life that will make you miserable. If you want to spend more time reading, walking, less time watching tv, then make that your resolution, and make a plan to get it done. Track which television shows you watch, and then figure out which ones you could do without. Set aside time to walk or read. Record your television shows and fast-forward through commercials. A 30 minute program is really only about 22 minutes long. Save 5 or 6 of those by fast forwarding through the commercials and you've just cut your TV watching time. Do that 5 dyas a week, and you have an extra half an hour. What will you do with your extra 30 minutes? Clean the house, walk read? Whatever you do with it, make sure that it helps you reach one of your other goals, or resolutions.

I can't imagine a year without resolutions anymore. I like to know what direction I am taking my life in. I may not achieve all of my goals every year, and I may decide that some of the things that I wanted to do originally are not worth the effort. I don't end each year having accomplished every resolution that I started with, but I do have an idea of which direction my life is heading at the start of each year, and that is why I make New Years resolutions.