Tuesday, January 02, 2007

MySpace annoyances

Maybe it's just teenager annoyances, and not MySpace. I have seen really 2 or maybe 3 MySpace sites that were neat. But mostly they are just a way to post, "Hey I'm here and I'm a bitch" Where has all the self respect of people gone? I remember when I was a teenager. There wasn't a one of us that didn't want to be a badass rebel, but none of us wanted to be bitches, ho's sluts, or anything else. Just 15 years ago those were still considered insults, yet I look on MySpace now and I see everywhere "Hey slut how'd the trip go. Call me ho". What the hell is that. That would have caused a fight not long ago.

Is the lack of respect for each other the same thing that carries over into a lack of respect for adults, jobs, education, and life?

I personally know some of the people who have MySpace accounts that have this negative derogatory language on it. They are not always happy, positve people. I can't say how much the negative language affects their lives, but I would bet that it at least plays a part in it. How about we switch to a more positive phrasing. Start commenting on MySpace with "Hey Hero!" "What's up stud?" "You rock, brainy?" Change the language to a more positive slant, and the people will change too.

I don't think any of them are bitches, ho's, sluts, or skanks. These are, can, and should be nice people that contribute to society in just a few short years. Help them realize that.