Saturday, January 13, 2007


I sat here today while the kids were resting at nap time and was watching a show on FitTV about families trying to lose weight together. I was a bit upset that the parents didn't understand that the reason their kids were fat was because of the families lifestyle. I was yelling at the TV just like I do during sports, and politics, and well, anything else. For me TV is an opportunity to yell at others without them being able to yell back. I get a lot of my frutstrations out that way. I also get to learn lots of new things that I can reflect on, or just file away for later.

I noticed several things. Families that have weight problems, are not active, at all. They eat very unhealthy almost all the time, and they use food as rewards. Then I noticed that when someone lives a healthy lifestyle, they don't need to sit around and watch FitTV, because they are already out somewhere being active.

Tonight I took my own measurements so I can track my weight loss. I'm not posting them, but suffice it to say, I'm embarrassed. I knew I had been gaining weight and looked bad, but I was shocked to know what my measurements actually are. I am amazed that I can even fit into my clothes.