Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Sign class over, Thank goodness

Last night was the final night for sign language class. I was somewhat looking forward to it. Steve said we could bring our kids and we were going to learn Christmas signs. Awesome, our kids are always wanting to know how to sign things, and holiday signs aren't in our dictionary.

Class started and Steve asked if the few kids that were there could wait out in the hall for 15 minutes. Then he layed into us, again. He said he's disappointed in us and that 3 people dropped the class because of one student. I'm even going to name names. He said the 3 people dropped because of Stephanie. This is a total crock. The past 3 weeks he's been talking about how he's fed up with students not trying to learn and how he doesn't like one of the students named Sandy so he was quitting. He has ranted about just about every student in the class at one point or another, and almost half of ever class has been spent with us watching him sign complaints about his life, his former students and his family. We learn signs when we listen to him complain, but it's tiring.

He started blaming Stephanie for everything and she very politely stood up, started gathering her things and told him. I'm very happy you taught me sign, bye. I looked at Erin and asked if she was ready, she was. We left with Steph. After his last tirade we decided that we would not sit there and put up with it. We are there to learn sign language, not be yelled at.

There is a problem here, and Stephanie is not it. Steph is a very nice, smart woman who loves to sign and has taught both of her boys to do it. She knows more signs than anyone else that was in the class. She had even talked to Steve about her stories maybe dragging on too long, and he told her that she's there to sign, she should just sign. The problem is the teacher. In the past 2 years he hasn't had enough people like him in the first two classes that he's been able to have a sign 3 class. His own teaching style of complaining all the time and backstabbing his students is what causes students to drop his class. A leader takes responsibility for his actions, Steve instead blames the rest of the world for all of his problems.

As it is now, I am soured on sign language class. I would like to take sign 3, but I'm pretty sure that since there hasn't been enough for sign 3 for the past two years that it probably won't change. I do hope that the new teacher is much more teacher like and not just angry deaf guy. There is a group of former students that got tired of Steve that now meet at Panera weekly to practice their signs and pick up on new words. Erin and I are both thinking that going to that will be more beneficial that further book learning at this point. It's not worth the stress and frustration that we have had to go through in the past few weeks to keep attending class.