Saturday, December 02, 2006

Exciting weekend

Thus far, my weekend has been exciting. Everything really started Thursday night. With a very nasty storm coming through central Illinois. It was raining and freezing. Thursday night there were already 4 inch icicles hanging down from each piece of siding. Then after midnight it started snowing on top of everything. I don't have a garage that I can put my car into, so I was stuck with 1/4 inch of ice on my car. I couldn't get into it Friday morning, and had to call into work. Thankfully I still had power, but my lifeline was gone. My Internet connection was down. We spent a lot of the morning calling everyone we knew to make sure that they were OK. At that point most people were without power. At 1 PM we lost power. I don't think there is any insulation in my house of than what we just put into Jonas' room. I think we need to look into fixing that in the future, I don't know how much it will cost, but it got cold in here very fast. The house dropped to 62 by 5, so I went out and spent 40 minutes scraping the car our from under the ice. I broke the ice scraper and hurt my hand doing it. We were taking the kids to stay somewhere that had power, but coming back to brave the freezing house ourselves.

The drive was very interesting. We drove past 10 or 12 downed power lines, lots of downed tree branches and trees, and even a flag pole that had bent in half. There was a viaduct that I drove under that was flooded out. The salt trucks had apparently turned the ice into water, but the drain wasn't working. I almost didn't make it, if I didn't ignore the "water on pavement" signs, I may have been in big trouble.

When we got back home, I saw a truck from the power company down the alley, and went to talk to them. I got to see them connect the power back up to my house. It was 9 PM and we had power again. I was really excited. I was able to get online and check my email. Although it was only 9:30 I felt like it was well after midnight and I went to bed early.

There was big news in my email. OK, there was huge news in my email. The Laurie Berkner band is coming to Chicago. Yikes! Today, we got tickets for the 5 of us. I'm excited, because all 3 kids love her, but she's Jaden's girlfriend. When nothing else will calm him down in the car, or at home, we just turn Laurie Berkner on and he's mesmerized. Erin has a few posts about it, you can read them at "My Kingdom for more Laurie" and "Behold the Power of Laurie"