Friday, December 22, 2006

End of year coming soon

It's almost time for the new year. Take this time to enjoy your family get togethers. Take the time to also review how the year went for you. Sit down and review your goals. Did you meet them? Did you add anything new. Did you get sidetracked from something that you really wanted to do? If you didn't write down any goals for this year prepare to write them down and commit to them for next year. It's ok if you don't accomplish everything you would like. Just having something in mind to accomplish is enough to get you moving forward.

Set your goals and your plans for next year. What do you want to try to accomplish? Are you planning a vacation?

I love this time of year. I enjoy reflecting on my successes and failures, as well as setting goals for the new year. The next week, the last week of the year, is usually my favorite.