Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas comes early

Last night Erin and I were finishing wrapping the kids presents and she told me not to go into the closet, for the 1500th time, or I would get my presents right now and they wouldn't be wrapped.
I stopped to think about this. That may not be a bad idea. Christmas is really about us watching the kids enjoy their presents. We get each other more expensive and fragile gifts that we don't want the kids to break, hrm....

Ok, let's do that. Let's open our presents tonight, early, then on Christmas we can just focus on the kids, that will be great!!!

So we did. We opened presents early, it was awesome. Instead of wrapping paper everywhere there were plastic shopping bags all over the floor. There was just the two of us and our gifts. It was awesome.

I got an Illinois Hat, a nice simple, large I in the center, with Illinois on the side, it's perfect for me. I don't like extravagant with my hats, and one with the cheif, although it would really support my love of Chief Illiniwik as the Illinois mascot, would not be me. I have a few Illinois T-Shirts that I love to wear, but I always feel funny wearing my Braves, Sox, or Bears hat with it, I just don't like to miss teams. This gift is awesome.

I got two of the most coveted gifts that I wanted to help me make GTD a bigger part of my life a Label maker and a Digital Voice Recorder. Now I can label away and make it easier for me to read the folders in my filing cabinet. My own handwriting has been such a problem reading that I have taken to not labelling anything and when I go to file, I just have to flip through folders until I find the right one. At least I have a good enough memory to get me back to about the same spot. And the digital voice recorder may do more harm than good. There are many times that Erin and I will be out driving and we'll disagree about something, even something that I know I'm wrong about. She'll say, when we get home we'll Google this. My only respite is that she forgets to look it up. Ah, but no more, now we'll be able to remember all of my follies on my new Digital Voice recorder. But it's awesome. Those thoughts that I have while driving 8 hours every other weekend with To an From getting Jonas can now be captured without a fear of driving into a ditch while trying to scratch a word or two to capture it onto the back of my gas receipt. I'm looking forward to it, now I just need to have a thought.

I got a new shirt, it's nice, a long sleeve collar-less polo type shirt.

I got The Matrix 1 and 2. Awesome. No true geek developer should be without the Matrix Trillogy and the Star Wars 6. You should also have Real Genius, War Games, and Hackers. I don't have War Games. But I'll always remember the speak and spell voice saying "Would you like to play a game?" I also don't have Hackers. Ok, maybe this one's not so much for the geek of it, as it is for watching Angelina Jolie run around in tight leather for the whole movie. Mmmm, Angelina Jolie. Anyway, most of the computer talk in Hackers is so laughable as to be the greatest geek comedy ever written. It was perfect casting Penn (from the famed Penn and Teller) to be one of the IT security people during the great Hack scene at the end of the movie. Hacking and protecting are nothing at all like what they showed. But it's interesting to see the visualization of the file system and attacks from the director's point of view. Geeks don't see that way, we see words, lots of words and cryptic text.

Finally I got Cutting boards, and a Cheeseball mix. The Cheeseball mix has showed up at several get togethers this year, and I've just parked myself next to it until the crackers were gone, for some reason it is the absolute most tasty cheeseball mix that I've ever had. I think we'll make it for Christmas that way I can force others to enjoy it and keep myself from eating the entire thing by myself in about 20 minutes. And if you didn't know me, I have a thing for cutting boards. I don't like the giant fancy cutting boards, I just don't like mixing my fruit, and vegetable juices when cutting, I'm often cutting for more than one dish at a time, and I love to cut. Some people are really clever with their knives and they'll hold something in their hand and do all the cutting up in the air. Not me, I'm petrified of slicing another finger that way, too many times I've bled trying to be creative with the knife. No, I like to place everything on a cutting board and cut it. I like small simple cutting boards and I don't want to wait to wash one before cutting the next thing. I'm cutting an onion, green pepper, and apple, I need 3 cutting boards stat. Thank you nurse. I only have 2 at home, and we cut a lot, so if one hasn't been washed it makes cutting for the next meal sometimes a pain. We only had 2. Erin bought me 3 more, a nice simple plastic cutting board with a juice catching ridge. I love it.

Christmas coming early was a great thing. I'm still very excited for the rest of Christmas. And looking forward to enjoying the kids opening their presents.

One quick idea for anyone still looking to buy me something small. I want a small collander. Draining a can of beans in one big enough to hold a watermellon sucks. I have to clean one that big. I don't mind putting it into the dishwasher, but it takes up half of the shelf. I want a smaller collander that will hold a single can of something, those should be nice and cheap.