Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Chrismas season is over

We've opened all of our presents, and undecorated the house. Now it's time to move on. Christmas takes up a big part of peoples lives. We did most of our shopping before Thanksgiving, which means that for close to two months we have had Christmas on our mind. Now it's at least mostly off our mind. No more presents to open, no more decorations or music on the entertainment center. We do still have to deal with the piles and piles of gifts that aren't all opened and put away or together yet, but mostly Christmas is done.

And good. I love Christmas, but the amount of work that we do for the holiday sometimes seems like overkill. Get a tree, decorate it, buy gifts, wrap them, put up lights, make cards and send them (ok, I secretly love doing this because it's another way to say hello to everyone), and have a big party (which is also awesome). But today is the 26th, and we have our tree taken down and the decorations put away. Not that I'm a scrooge. I love the season, maybe it could just be easier in some ways.

I guess I shouldn't complain too much. Christmas was awesome. I had a great time with the family. My cousins Brian, Michael, and Edward came. I got to see some of my 2nd cousins. Football was on. The food was good. Gifts were great. The kids got some amazing things.

My brother went way above the call of duty and got the kids a VSmile video gaming system. This was something that I was completely against for a long time. I didn't want my kids to grow up playing video games, I want them to play with real toys, physcial objects. Things that they have to use their imagination for and things that they have to move to interact with. Basically, I wanted them to grow up like I did. I didn't get a video game system until I was in Junior High, but my parents did have an Atari, and a Collecovisoin prior to that, so I had games to play from a fairly young age. And some games require more imagination than physical toys do. Blocks can only stack. Many different things can be made, but they still just stack. But a video game helps develop problem solving skills. Imagination is used to jump into or onto new things just to see what will happen. Hand eye coordination is developed in order to conquer the newest challenge. Video games aren't all bad. Now we'll never tell the kids to stop cleaning their room and go play the video games (like they do in the commercial), but I think they will be excited.

Ady also got a little laptop that will help her to work on her letter recognition and get into spelling words. My favorite gifts to give were the Baseball gloves that I gave to both Jonas and Ady. The guitar that we gave to Jonas and the Soccer ball we gave to Ady, and the Lauri Berkner CD we gave to Jaden. Clearly I want the kids up and moving around. We even took a trip outside today to play catch. I have a lot of work to do to get the kids to catch.

All in all, Christmas was great. Thank to all of my family and friends for making it that way. I hope your Christmas was as enjoyable as mine.