Thursday, December 07, 2006

Baseball thoughts

Ahh! Baseball. The game I love. I sit and reminisce about when I did coach and look forward to when I will again. This time of year is usually quiet for baseball, except for the changing professional teams. Free agency has made it so a team can look completely different every year, and other than the fact that the Chicago White Sox are still in Chicago and called the White Sox, nothing is set in stone. I expected very few changes for them this year. They never quite got it together last year, and my thought was that it was a personality problem somewhere. Maybe they just didn't have the same burning desire in a leader they had the year before. I think their biggest loss was Aaron Rowand. He is a good center fielder, good bat, and good leader. I looked at him as the face of the team that won the world series, it was the "Win or Die Trying" campaign. Last year the face of the team was Jermaine Dye. I like Jermaine Dye, he's solid and consistent. But he's boring and sleepy. I just could never look at him as a leader, that would be like trying to follow Sleepy Floyd (old basketball reference).

I was shocked to read this morning that Freddy Garcia is going to Phily because his contract will be up at the end of the year. Big deal, just work on another deal with him. He's been a great asset to Chicago and was 17-9 last year. Who do we get to replace him? Gavin Floyd with a 4-3 record and a 7.29 ERA. For those non-baseball fan readers, that means that he averages giving up 7.29 runs for every 9 innings (complete game) that he pitches. It's a very bad ERA. The biggest news I expect to hear from the sox is that they have found someone who can play center field and bat .250. That would be huge. Last year Brian Anderson was a big part of the reason we fell apart and lost. He could not hit and get on base to keep a rally going or to drive in runs.

In other news, the Cubs GM Jim Hendryn was hospitalized at the winter meetings. It's probably because he's dizzy with the excitement that he actually has a shot of a winning team with a fighting chance at the playoffs next year. Being part of the Cubs organization he's used to having thrown in the towl already. This year however, the Cubs are driving the market. They are forcing other teams to overpay for players by having jumpoed out early and gotten Soriano. He was the biggest name out there and shockingly the first one signed. Way to go Cubs. I hope for the best for you, that is I hope your fans make it to September with hope.