Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sign Class on Halloween

Halloween ended up being less trick-or-treating and more of a normal Tuesday sign class for me. Well, it was supposed to be. Ady got sick on Saturday night and still wasn't feeling well on Tuesday, so Erin was staying home with her while I took the boys to class. Before class I took Jonas to the square where they had early halloween and we got a little candy. It was cold, and that made me even more glad that I was going to be inside in class.

I may have learned a few new words in class, but I didn't have a chance to take notes because I was busy keeping an eye on the boys. It was more of a party class where we all sat around and signed stories to each other. The boys were great. Jaden even went to a stranger, which he just doesn't do. You can see the picture of him here with Stephanie. The other picture is my teacher Steve. He looked very funny in his costume.

Jonas was great as Supeman, until we got home after class. While he was getting undressed, he got sick and threw up, on Erin, the dog, his costume and the floor. The dog had it bad and needed a bath today to finish cleaning her up. The floor had it worse. We were unable to get the red stain from the fruit punch Jonas had drank earlier in the night, so we now have a large pink vomit stain on the carpet. Ahhh!!! This wouldn't happen with hardwood floors. Now we'll see how much replacing the carpet in this room will cost. It's too bad that the carpet shampooer and the Oxyclean couldn't get the stain out. All in all halloween was good, but the flu is moving through our family and I seem to be on the edge of getting it.