Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Planetary Sunblocker

I read an article about a planetary sunblocker that made me think of the Simpson's episode where Mr. Burns built a sunblocker in order to force the residents of Springfield to use more electricity, since he had a monopoly on the energy.

For some reason I can't get over thinking that having a planetary sunblocker will do more of the same thing. It won't help us reduce global warming, instead, it will make us use more of the energy forms that cause global warming, and exacerbate the problem. Instead of spending money researching how to block the sun, we should be spending more money researching how to harness the sun and reduce our dependency on coal, oil, and even nuclear energy. Let's reduce global warming at the source. Recycle, to save water and planetary resources. Cut down on oil dependencies with cars. Cut down on Coal dependency with Hydroelectric, solar, and wind energy. Hydrogen energy is even huge, as long as we find a way to produce the hydrogen without causing more pollution. Forget about the planetary sunblocker, instead focus on what we are doing at the surface.