Friday, November 24, 2006

Fat Friday

With Thanksgiving feast barely settled, people are rushing off to the stores. Like ants drawn to a dropped candybar they race for the sales that they hope they will get. Hopefully all will not be for naught. The smart money is on families that split up and go their separate ways for the special deals, but even still, those that are crazy enough to camp out the night before are the ones that will get the extra special buys. At 7:30 last night people were lined up in front of Best Buy already. Their But a computer for $200 or laptop for $400 probably brought them in. And the funny thing is that they'll camp their tonight, get that deal in the morning, and probably nothing else.

I love a good sale, but Black Friday has gotten too crazy. With every store having just a few items that are marked way down to bring in people, they have also created a mad frenzy that causes people to push, shove, cuss, and fight over those few items. I know they can't guarantee more items to please more people, but I would prefer the sales being not so grand, to keep people on a more civil level.

Black Friday should really be renamed to Fat Friday though. People get up and stuff themselves into clothes, and then clog the aisles like fat clogging an artery. Roads are crazy, and nobody is nice as they hurry to the next store hoping to cut off someone on the way to the next great deal.