Tuesday, November 28, 2006

No time to kill

I was listening to Clint Black the other day and the song "No time to kill" came on. This song hit me different than it has any other time I've listened to it. By now everybody has probably read the story of living the dash, and this is in the same line of that.

Here is an excerpt from the song that made me stop and think about what I've done with my life, and where I want it to go.

"If I knew 10 years ago would be 10 years from now, would I love tomorrow's yesterday's to make it last somehow
The highest cost of living's dying that's one everybody pays, So have it spent before you get the bill, there's no time to kill"

Here is a link to all of the Lyrics for "No Time to Kill"

What does this song make you think of?

Awesome video of kids singing with Sign Language

I stumbled across this video of kids singing and Signing at the same time today on YouTube. It's pretty neat.

I hope you enjoy it.

Can you spell your name backwards?

We were eating lunch Thanksgiving day, and Ady spelled her name to show off for everyone. She has it down now and can spell A-D-Y-L-Y-N-N. She was very proud. However, Erin's sister had to prod and said, but can she spell it backwards?

She can't. Ady doesn't even understand what spelling her name backwards means. And the last name isn't there yet, but we are very proud that she can spell her first name without hesitation and clearly enough that the bank man could understand her when we opened a savings account for her on Saturday. That was a pretty cool experience. Ady told him her name and spelled the first name and told him our address. She's still working on the phone number.

Friday, Jonas came up to me and said, "Dad, I can spell my name backwards. S-A-O-N-J, no that's not it, S-A-N-O-J". Wow!!!! Are you kidding me? Nobody had asked him to do it, he just overheard the conversation and then set about getting it right in his head. Out of the blue he spelled it backwards. He was very proud of this new talent and showed it off to Grandma and Grandpa, and his mom when she came to pick him up on Sunday. It was awesome. I did try to get him to spell his last name backwards, but he hasn't got that one down yet. It gives us something to look forward too though.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Learning Styles

I've been loving this sign language class, it's really got me focused on learning the signs better than I have learned probably anything. Most of the time that I was in school, I was bored. It's not that I didn't want to learn, but that the information could not come at me fast enough to keep my attention. My mind liked to race 6,000 miles an hour and the teacher only talks so fast. Plus he would have to stop to answer a question about what he just explained. Think about it, even in college it's rare that more than 2 or 3 concepts or thoughts are covered in a class. Do you go around and only have 2 or 3 thoughts an hour? I have a ton, and when I get into a class where it's going slow, my mind takes off and goes in a different direction. Heck, even now, some of the best and most creative ideas I've had, were during a class about something else that was just going to slow for my mind. When I go to a class, I take a notebook. I'm not usually scribbling notes about what is being discussed, I'm writing down thoughts I don't want to lose about completely random subjects that have now got the time to surface while the teacher explains the conept a 3rd way because someone didn't get it the first two times. However, with sign language now, I'm not able to listen in while I write down my thoughts on another subject. If I don't see what's happening, I can't learn anything new, because I can't learn anything in this class by just listening. This has been a big benefit for me. Focused learning. I think back to all my classes that I've had in my life and wonder what they would have been like if they had enough information packed into their hour long sessions, and enough visuals to keep my attention. I feel like my mind needs some kind of 45 minute video packed full of information in graphs, speech, quotes, pictures and scenes being acted out. Something like that could be a very powerful learning tool for me. Until then, I'll have to stick to reading, which is my current fastest form of learning. Reading is great, at about 450 words a minute, I get to read quite a bit. Too bad, I can only read that fast when I'm fully rested, so most of the time I'm closer to 300. 300 words per minute still allow my mind to drift and I get frustrated because I can't remember what I'm reading. I'm not sure if it's that I can't remember because my mind is drifting, or because I'm not rested enough to remember, which is the why I'm reading slow in the first place. My learning style my whole life has just been listening, because school is not setup in such a way as to be fully interactive, it's boring. Sing language though, requires you to watch, and if you repeat the signs as they are being shown, and as others are doing them, then you get muscle memory to aid in remembering.

Have you ever paid attention to your own learning style? What is it that makes it easiest for you to learn? Do you like music or silence? Do you have a special place that you like to be to read or learn anything, or does it matter to you?

Me I like reading, but really like lots of information coming at me at fast speeds. Some programs on PBS are great, as are some of the programs on Discovery and History. The only problem is that it's hard to get into something when every 8 minutes there's a commercial about a bathroom coming on. PBS is better, but when their commercials "fund drives" come on, they stay for 10 minutes. By that point I've given up on whatever I was watching in the first place.

Vegetarian update

We are slowly adopting the vegetarian lifestyle that I mentioned my previous post. We have tried several new recipes, and our cabinet is now full of beans. I think it's a good thing we didn't go right into it all at once. I am enjoying this easing into the new lifestyle. My longest meatless streak so far has been 4 days without meat. We did have turkey on Thanksgiving, and I'm still eating Turkey soup, which is one of my favorite recipes ever. Sunday, I stopped for some McDonald's on the way to take Jonas back to his mom, immediately after I ordered the food he said, "But Dad, you told me we weren't eating hamburger's anymore". I did say that. Well, we'll get to that point. I've really liked the vegetarian meals we've had so far, and I don't feel tired after eating them like I do with meat. I have been hungrier earlier when I'm not eating meat, but I'm countering that with a small healthy snack. Those snack bags of popcorn are great.

A funny thing happened with this whole vegetarian thing. Erin decided that she was goinig to buy the Moosewood cookbook that Keith recommended and she found it for only $5. Only it is the Moosewood Classics Mini Edition. That's right the book is 3.4 x 2.8 inches. From reading the reviews, Erin doesn't appear to be the only one that made that mistake. It gave us a great laugh. We're still going to try some of the recipes in it.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Blog fuzz

Blogging has been rough for me lately. I come up with things that I think will be great to write about, but when I get to sit and blog my mind goes into a fuzz and I no longer feel creative. My post turns into rambling. Some of the greatest blogs I read are people with a very creative writing style. I have more of a philisophical mindset then a creative writing mindset. In my head many of my posts start out as being very funny and creative, but even by the time I'm done writing them, I don't feel like they are funny anymore.

Anyone know of any good free creative writing training? I think anyone can learn anything, maybe I can learn to write creatively.

Fat Friday

With Thanksgiving feast barely settled, people are rushing off to the stores. Like ants drawn to a dropped candybar they race for the sales that they hope they will get. Hopefully all will not be for naught. The smart money is on families that split up and go their separate ways for the special deals, but even still, those that are crazy enough to camp out the night before are the ones that will get the extra special buys. At 7:30 last night people were lined up in front of Best Buy already. Their But a computer for $200 or laptop for $400 probably brought them in. And the funny thing is that they'll camp their tonight, get that deal in the morning, and probably nothing else.

I love a good sale, but Black Friday has gotten too crazy. With every store having just a few items that are marked way down to bring in people, they have also created a mad frenzy that causes people to push, shove, cuss, and fight over those few items. I know they can't guarantee more items to please more people, but I would prefer the sales being not so grand, to keep people on a more civil level.

Black Friday should really be renamed to Fat Friday though. People get up and stuff themselves into clothes, and then clog the aisles like fat clogging an artery. Roads are crazy, and nobody is nice as they hurry to the next store hoping to cut off someone on the way to the next great deal.

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Week 11 Football Picks

Week 11
SUN, NOV 19Pick
Atlanta at BaltimoreAtlanta
Buffalo at HoustonHouston
Chicago at NY JetsChicago
Cincinnati at New OrleansNew Orleans
Minnesota at MiamiMinnesota
New England at Green BayGreen Bay
Oakland at Kansas CityKansas City
Pittsburgh at ClevelandPittsburgh
St Louis at CarolinaCarolina
Tennessee at PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia
Washington at Tampa BayWashington
Detroit at ArizonaDetroit
Seattle at San FranciscoSeattle
Indianapolis at DallasIndianapolis
San Diego at DenverDenver
MON, NOV 20Pick
NY Giants at JacksonvilleJacksonville

I'm still having a good season making picks. I'm also going to pick for rankings to see how I do against my dad and brother in their league.

Week 10 Football - Results

Week 10
SUN, NOV 12PickResults
Cleveland at AtlantaAtlantaLoss
Green Bay at MinnesotaMinnesotaLoss
Houston at JacksonvilleJacksonvilleLoss
Kansas City at MiamiKansas CityWin
NY Jets at New EnglandNew EnglandLoss
San Diego at CincinnatiSan DiegoWin
San Francisco at DetroitDetroitWin
Washington at PhiledelphiaPhiledelphiaWin
Baltimore at TennesseeBaltimoreWin
Buffalo at IndianapolisIndianapolisWin
Denver at OaklandDenverWin
Dallas at ArizonaDallasWin
New Orleans at PittsburghNew OrleansLoss
St Louis at SeattleSt LouisLoss
Chicago at NY GiantsChicagoWin
MON, NOV 13PickResults
Tampa Bay at CarolinaCarolinaWin

My hot streak is over. I ended up 10-6 which beats both my dad and my brother from their league. I didn't feel like I did well though.

Friday, November 17, 2006

The Breakup

We just watched The Breakup. Erin is unhappy that the guy didn't get the girl sin the end. I wonder if she missed the title when we were rentintg it. She's sitting here right now ranting about how she likes the movies where the guy sweeps the girl off her feet. She didn't even want to break up with him, and then he comes to her with flowers and she says, This was all a game, I didn't even want you, because I'm a stupid bitch. WOW!! What a rant.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Sign Language Update

I've been sitting on this for a week. I wanted to make sure that I didn't write about something that happened just because I was upset. Now it's been a full week and things are as settled in my head as they probably ever will be. Last week in class Steve, our teacher, blew up. He got frustrated during class and took one of the more advanced students out into the hall and talked to just her for about 5 minutes. He was laughing before he came back in, but he still wasn't himself. Then when class ended he said, "from now on there are new rules, there will be no more food, no writing notes, and no talking" Everyone was floored. I only know this because after the shock wore off we sat around and talked about it. At the time, I had no idea what anyone else's reaction was, becausee I was in so much shock that I couldn't see anything. Everyone tried asking him why he had the sudden change f rules and what the specifics of it were. His only response was that he is getting old and that taking notes makes him have to slow down and wait which is frustrating to him.

Everyone was shocked and pissed. Personally, I can't go to sign class without my pop, and half the class grabs a snack at breaktime and munches on the chips during the second half. And we all were mad about not being able to take notes. Steve complains that the book is wrong all the time and that he'll teach us the right way, ignore the book. But now the new rule is that we are supposed to study the book and practice it for a week, and then get told that we are doing the sign wrong when we get to class.

I stewed about it for a week. Erin was ready to quit the class, I was showing up in class with my notepad and pop and he was going to have to physically kick me out to be rid of me. I practiced the signs for the next unit and practiced arguing against him for my notetaking, which included me calling him a grumpy old man. Thankfully, I never broke down during class and had to call him a grumpy old man. I was ready to fight, it was a bad day, I was going in there and it may have come to throwing punches. Ok, I really didn't think it would ever come to punches, but mentally, I was as charged up as I could possibly be.

Instead, this week, sign language class was quiet. Nobody wanted to press his buttons. We showed up for class 5 minutes early and the students there were all signing and not talking. Everyone was afraid of what he may do when he walked in. Then we started reviewing words and going through the new words. He used the sign "finish" which can mean "just" as in "we are just friends". and I asked if you always sign "finish" when you want to mean 'just". He got into this tirade that the sign has two meanings. Then the next sign was a single handed sign for "finish" and his example was, "The two of you are talking FINISH", as in "shut up". And he pointed right at Erin and I while doing it. Class had lightened up just a bit and here he goes practically accusing us of being the problem. I can sense Erin getting tense next to me, and I'm starting to zone out a little because I'm mad and distancing myself from what may happen. Then class moved on and everything was fine.

Finally it's time for class to end, and Steve stands up and says he has an announcement. He's quitting. December 12 will be his last day. That's the last day for sign 2. He will not be continuing with Sign 3 in January. Currently the school does not have someone lined up to replace him, so I have to wait and see if I even get to continue with sign 3. My anger turned into shock. I'm upset that he's not going to be there to keep teaching, so I can learn more sign language, at the same time, I'm not too upset, because he had changed from the beginning of class to now. He may just be getting to be a grumpy old man, maybe, he is burnt out, maybe he's just being himself now, and I was getting a show at the start, but for whatever reason he's moving on. I'm very hopeful that the school finds another teacher, but on such short notice it's probably going to be very hard. There is a group of people that get together at a restaraunt on Monday nights to practice sign language. Either way, we will probably try going to the practice group on Monday's. The extra practice will be good for us.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Jonas loves numbers

The last time that Jonas was here we were counting a lot. We would count and add and we did a lot of different things with numbers, including addition. I was showing Jonas how to put up a few fingers on one hand and a few more on the other and he could do 2+2 or 4+2, etc. He had a blast. I had meant to blog about it, but completely forgot about it. I have been doing worse at remembering things if I don't write them down right away.

Trish told me that the other night that out of the blue he just said 4+2 is 6. That's awesome. I'm glad that he remembered what we were working on, but even more excited that it happened without being prompted. The human mind is a very funny thing in how it relates one thing to another. I wonder what the trigger for him blurting that out was. I wonder if it was just that he heard the number 2 or 4, or even if he just heard the word "to" or "for" and thought of 4+2. Anyway, it's a pretty amazing thing to see.

Fab 5

I was watching Scrubs on TV tonight and the phone commercial came on. A family of 4 is sitting around a table, and the father asks, "So have you picked your fab 5 yet". The daugher age about 16 says, "I chose Crystal, Jen", then her brother, who's not much younger, says, I chose "I chose Crystal Jen"

The girl looks at her mom and asks "Are you going to do anything?". the father quickly responds with "Maybe you should have uglier friends." while the mom is nodding in agreement.

I laughed so hard. That's friggin awesome.

Planetary Sunblocker

I read an article about a planetary sunblocker that made me think of the Simpson's episode where Mr. Burns built a sunblocker in order to force the residents of Springfield to use more electricity, since he had a monopoly on the energy.

For some reason I can't get over thinking that having a planetary sunblocker will do more of the same thing. It won't help us reduce global warming, instead, it will make us use more of the energy forms that cause global warming, and exacerbate the problem. Instead of spending money researching how to block the sun, we should be spending more money researching how to harness the sun and reduce our dependency on coal, oil, and even nuclear energy. Let's reduce global warming at the source. Recycle, to save water and planetary resources. Cut down on oil dependencies with cars. Cut down on Coal dependency with Hydroelectric, solar, and wind energy. Hydrogen energy is even huge, as long as we find a way to produce the hydrogen without causing more pollution. Forget about the planetary sunblocker, instead focus on what we are doing at the surface.

New baby in the family, kind of.

My Godbrother had a baby. The Godbrother is a rare family relaionship that most people don't know about. Generally because it doesn't show up on most family trees. In my situation however, my parents had some really good friends and were chosen to be the Godparents of Kyle. We were always invited to famliy functions and they were always invited to our family functions. Kyle is one of four kids, and all four of them are like cousins to me. Kyle is my Godbrother. Yesterday his wife gave birth to Ashlynn. I love the name, it's so close to my own daughter's name of Adylynn. Only one letter different. Here's a quote from the Grandma seen here holding my precious GodNiece.

"Daughter of Kyle and Nikki Hampton (granddaughter of Regina and Jim Hampton) was born today, Monday, November 13th at 10:43 a.m. Ashlynn is 8 lbs. 9 oz., 20 1/2 inches. Everyone is doing just fine! Jim and I saw Ashlynn Janelle when she was 1 1/2 hours old. We think she is beautiful and that we are blessed to have our children and grandchild! Take a look at the picture of me and Ashlynn."

At the same time, that family continues to have good news. Kyle's brother Kory asked his girlfriend Corel to marry him and she said yes. It's a long term engagement. He's in the marines and she's going to school for a doctorate; the wedding is being planned for September 2009. I guess that gives me enough time to make sure I can get there.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Youth is so cute!

We were watching "Sky high" on tv the other night, and at the end of it, when the boy and girl were together Ady added "And they lived happliy ever after" Wouldn't it be great if that were the first thought on all of our minds all of the time? Too often we spend our time thinking "and dating ruined their relationship". The blind hope that all is going to be well is an important part of fhaving a good strong positive outlook on life. Things may not always go well, but if you think at least that they can, rather than they won't, there is a huge difference ion how things will turn out in your own mind.

Outcomes, are like everything else, "open to inerpretation". I hope you all have this same kind of positive outlook on life.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Week 10 Football Picks

Week 10
SUN, NOV 12Pick
Cleveland at AtlantaAtlanta
Green Bay at MinnesotaMinnesota
Houston at JacksonvilleJacksonville
Kansas City at MiamiKansas City
NY Jets at New EnglandNew England
San Diego at CincinnatiSan Diego
San Francisco at DetroitDetroit
Washington at PhiledelphiaPhiledelphia
Baltimore at TennesseeBaltimore
Buffalo at IndianapolisIndianapolis
Denver at OaklandDenver
Dallas at ArizonaDallas
New Orleans at PittsburghNew Orleans
St Louis at SeattleSt Louis
Chicago at NY GiantsChicago
MON, NOV 13Pick
Tampa Bay at CarolinaCarolina

Let's see if I can continue my hot streak.

Week 9 Football - Results

Week 9
SUN, NOV 5PickResults
Green Bay at BuffaloGreen BayLoss
Miami at ChicagoChicagoLoss
Atlanta at DetroitDetroitWin
Kansas City at St. LouisKansas CityWin
Houston at NY GiantsNY GiantsWin
New Orleans at Tampa BayNew OrleansWin
Dallas at WashingtonDallasLoss
Tennessee at JacksonvilleJacksonvilleWin
Cincinnati at BaltimoreBaltimoreWin
Minnesota at San FranciscoSan FraciscoWin
Denver at PittsburghDenverWin
Cleveland at San DiegoSan DiegoWin
Indianapolis at New EnglandIndianapolisWin
MON, NOV 6PickResults
Oakland at SeattleSeattleWin

I'm back on my game this week finishing 11-3. When I was chatting with both my dad and brother last weekend I was laughing because I was doing so much better than they were.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Sign Language

My mom is a teacher and somehow seems to always get really great links sent to her about teaching. I'm always amazed at the links she passes on to me. Some of them I have stored away for use when the kids get older, because the sites that they are to are really neat and great learning resources, but the kids aren't always ready for them. Last week she sent me one to another Sign language site. I went out to The Deaf Resource Library and looked around. The main page is really just links to a bunch of other deaf resources on the web. For now I'm including a link to the Deaf Resource Library in my links section. I may be adding some of the same links that are already on the Deaf Resource Library to my links if I think that they are great though. There's a lot of new sites in there for me to explore and learn from.

One thing that would be great, even if it's something I have to buy, is an all encompassing dictionary. Yes, I want to know the bad signs, but what I really want is to stop trying to look up how to sign something and not be able to find the words that I want to use in my sign book, or online. I bought the smaller dictionary with only 4,500 words in it when we got one. There was another dictionary that had 8,000 words in it. However, I am still amazed at how many words that I want to use that aren't in my dictionary. I have yet to find a site that has even as many words as are in my small dictionary. So some kind of Oxford ASL dictionary would be awesome.

As for sign language. In general I'm having a blast. I don't know why I seem to enjoy the simple act of communicating with my hands without having to speak. It's slower than talking. Maybe as my understanding increases it will be closer to the same, but I doubt it will ever be faster, there are too many words that need to be spelled out. I'm not sure how far I want to go with my sign language. The 4 classes that are offered at the community college are probably enough to be able to communicate with Bryan as he grows, but I also don't want to be limited. I want to be able to help him grow and learn as well as talk to him. I've thought about continuing on to learn sign language well enough to be an interpreter. This has come up during our sign class several times, because one of the women in my class wants to go that far. Steve told us that there is a 2 year program offered in Peoria. I'm interested in continuing, but at the same time I'm not. There would be more work opportunities, if I were an interpreter, I could go to speaker functions and learn a lot of new things while interpreting. However, I would have to spend a lot of time away from my family, and most likely Erin wouldn't be able to do it with me. So after I learned it, I wouldn't be able to use it with anyone immediately. Continuing to the interpreting level is something that definitely interests me, but I think it's more of a long term goal, than an immediate plan. For now, I'm content to learn through sign 4 at the local community college and be able communicate with deaf people. I need to find some deaf people in the area for me to meet and talk to more regularly though, or I won't be able to retain the information. A skill not used is forgotten, and my mind has more than enough other things to occupy it's time than to remember sign language if nobody is doing it with me. Erin is in the class now, and Aunt Shel and a friend of hers are thinking about taking it in January. I look forward to having my own little hearing group of friends that I can practice with.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Jonas leg update

Yesterday Jonas went back to the doctor to have his leg looked at and get his aircast off. At least that's what I thought. It turns out instead, that the leg is still healing, the bone is filling in and the doctor is very happy with the progress it's making. Diagnosis, it looks good, but he's got 2 more months of wearing the aircast. He still can't do a lot, but he doesn't have to be quite as careful with it anymore.

Now I just wonder if the hospital SNAFU from his first ER visit gets worked out. Since the diagnosis from the ER was not an Emergency Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois is not covering it as an ER trip. I've been on the phone with Blue Cross several times and with the hospital several times. today I was on the phone with both of them. Things are finally moving in what should be my favor, but if the result is not satisfactory, I may have to contact a lawyer or go through some other method. The real problem is that the initial diagnosis was sore ankle, because they didn't even look at his leg where it was broken.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Week 9: Football Picks

Week 9
SUN, NOV 5Pick
Green Bay at BuffaloGreen Bay
Miami at ChicagoChicago
Atlanta at DetroitDetroit
Kansas City at St. LouisKansas City
Houston at NY GiantsNY Giants
New Orleans at Tampa BayNew Orleans
Dallas at WashingtonDallas
Tennessee at JacksonvilleJacksonville
Cincinnati at BaltimoreBaltimore
Minnesota at San FranciscoSan Fracisco
Denver at PittsburghDenver
Cleveland at San DiegoSan Diego
Indianapolis at New EnglandIndianapolis
MON, NOV 6Pick
Oakland at SeattleSeattle

Friday, November 03, 2006

For Ages 3 and up

Erin posted that today Jonas was feeling sick again. They sat around and didn't do much today, but she did tell them that when I got home for the night we would play some games together.

Unfortunately I had to bring home some work with me, so first was dinner, then my work, then finally we got to play a few games before bedtime. First we played Disney Yahtzee Jr. This game is pretty good, because it's just a matching and counting game. By age three every kid should be doing both matching and counting. It also throws in a wild card with Pinochio. personally, I wish they had two versions in the same box. Each person gets 5 turns (which really helps out a lot with the speed of the game), and they get to match their characters on the dice. The standard 3 rolls for Yahtzee apply. If I could have two versions though, I would have 6 categories, and just have the game be straight matching. It's hard for the 3 year old to understand that Pinocchio counts the same as Jasmine and Aladin, but it also count the same as Mowgli and Baloo. We've played Yahtzee Jr. many times in the past, and just know that we have to help both kids with their recognition of Pinocchio as a match for what they are trying to get.

For the second game, Ady chose CareBear Checkers. This is a 3-D checkers game, the board is extremely colorful. It's actually too gaudy for the kids to learn the game of checkers. They couldn't focus on keeping pieces where they belonged. "A piece can only move to a pink square", was hard to reinforce when the response was "There's pink right there". Yes there is, but it's not the pink square. "That's not a pink square." He's right, it's a purple square because it's supposed to be a pink square, but it's on a blue background. AAHHHH!!!!! Jonas finally did get the hint that pieces had to move diagonal only, but he seemed more interested in helping Ady jump his pieces as fast as he could than he did at trying to win. It may just be that he didn't understand the concept of the game yet. I asked him at bedtime tonight, after I read stories, if he liked playing checkers tonight. He told me he didn't like it because he didn't win, and he always wants to win. I had to tell him, that's good that he always wants to win, and that he always does his best, but as long as he is doing his best, even if he doesn't win it's ok.

Personally I was really shocked that checkers said 3 and up. Usually my complaint is the other way, in that games will say 3 and up when a 1 1/2 year old should be able to do it. Checkers though brings in a whole new thought process that other games don't. Even Connect Four has a recommended age of 7. I think that connect 4 is easier than Checkers.

Game night was fun. I had to keep reminding myself that we are doing this for the kids, and not for me to enjoy the games. I sometimes have a hard time putting up with the constant antsyness of the kids. However, after a game night I'm always glad we did it. There are so many good habits to teach to your children during game time, especially sportsmanship, that it's worth the effort.

Week 8: Football picks results

Week 8
SUN, OCT 29PickPick
San Fransico at ChicagoChicagoWin
Atlanta at CincinnatiCincinnatiLoss
Seattle at Kansas CityKansas CityWin
Houston at TennesseeHoustonLoss
Arizona at Green BayArizonaLoss
Tampa Bay at NY GiantsNY GiantsWin
Jacksonville at PhiladelphiaPhiladelphiaLoss
Baltimore at New OrleansNew OrleansLoss
St. Louis at San DiegoSan DiegoLoss
Pittsburgh at OaklandPittsburghLoss
Indianapolis at DenverDenverLoss
NY Jets at ClevelandNY JetsLoss
Dallas at CarolinaDallasWin
MON, OCT 30Pick
New England at MinnesotaNew EnglandWin

This is the 2nd week in a row that I've done terrible. There were again a bunch of really close games that could have gone either way. I was wrong with every one of those.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

stupid commercial

I'm watching this crappy show on Lifetime tonight (Lifetime TV for Idiots). And there was a commercial for Rozera or something like that. It's a sleeping pill. At the end of the commercial the side effects are stated, they are "Drowsiness and fatigue". Since when do medications start listing their benefits as side effects. What's next? Coffee may cause extreme alertness?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Sign Class on Halloween

Halloween ended up being less trick-or-treating and more of a normal Tuesday sign class for me. Well, it was supposed to be. Ady got sick on Saturday night and still wasn't feeling well on Tuesday, so Erin was staying home with her while I took the boys to class. Before class I took Jonas to the square where they had early halloween and we got a little candy. It was cold, and that made me even more glad that I was going to be inside in class.

I may have learned a few new words in class, but I didn't have a chance to take notes because I was busy keeping an eye on the boys. It was more of a party class where we all sat around and signed stories to each other. The boys were great. Jaden even went to a stranger, which he just doesn't do. You can see the picture of him here with Stephanie. The other picture is my teacher Steve. He looked very funny in his costume.

Jonas was great as Supeman, until we got home after class. While he was getting undressed, he got sick and threw up, on Erin, the dog, his costume and the floor. The dog had it bad and needed a bath today to finish cleaning her up. The floor had it worse. We were unable to get the red stain from the fruit punch Jonas had drank earlier in the night, so we now have a large pink vomit stain on the carpet. Ahhh!!! This wouldn't happen with hardwood floors. Now we'll see how much replacing the carpet in this room will cost. It's too bad that the carpet shampooer and the Oxyclean couldn't get the stain out. All in all halloween was good, but the flu is moving through our family and I seem to be on the edge of getting it.

Jaden on Halloween.

Here's my little bat boy. He's so cute on his first Halloween. The drive from home to sign language class was the first time that he was facing forward also. That was an experience that he seemed to like a lot.

Jonas at Halloween.

It was hard getting Jonas to smile it turned out later that he wasn't feeling well. It was a cold evening for trick-or-treating. The temp on the bank sign said 40 degrees.