Friday, October 27, 2006

World Series thoughts

Last night, I sat at home and watched the world series while I was playing on my computer. I still couldn't understand how Detroit was losing. I thought for sure they would have just stomped on St. Louis. I like St. Louis. I think Pujols is going to be one of those guys that's close to breaking (if not breaking) a lot of records before he retires. Eckstein is my favorite player in baseball. But the Cards are hurt. Pujols has a pulled hamstring. Eckstein just missed time for an oblique. Rolen and Edmunds have been hurt off and on all season. This is a team that should not be winning.

Then it hit me. Eckstein hit's a flyball to right field, the fielder falls down. Next, Shingo bunts and the pitcher throws it over the first baseman's head alloowing the run to score. The announcer mentions "That's the 4th error by Tigers pitching in this series".

Maybe the Cards aren't winning because of Tigers jitters. The Cards may not be destined to win by the Gods. Maybe they are destined to win by the gamblers. This happened once before in history when a team was supposed to win and didn't. That team is now affectionately known as the "Black Sox". Do we have a "No Town" from "MoTown"?

How else can you explain 4 pitching errors, and two outfield blunders that both help Eckstein and give St. Louis the win?