Sunday, October 29, 2006

Week 8: Football picks.

Week 8
SUN, OCT 29Pick
San Fransico at ChicagoChicago
Atlanta at CincinnatiCincinnati
Seattle at Kansas CityKansas City
Houston at TennesseeHouston
Arizona at Green BayArizona
Tampa Bay at NY GiantsNY Giants
Jacksonville at PhiladelphiaPhiladelphia
Baltimore at New OrleansNew Orleans
St. Louis at San DiegoSan Diego
Pittsburgh at OaklandPittsburgh
Indianapolis at DenverDenver
NY Jets at ClevelandNY Jets
Dallas at CarolinaDallas
MON, OCT 30Pick
New England at MinnesotaNew England

Week 7 I didn't get to pick until the morning games were over. I picked without having heard
a score and did aweful. But since I didn't pick until games started I decided not to post
anything about it.

This week I made sure I got my picks done before games started. I have a few upsets in here. Just feelings, or picking with my heart, I'm not sure. But the big ones are Denver, Dallas, and Houston.