Sunday, October 22, 2006


Erin and I have been talking about trying to become vegetarians. It's not that we have anything against meat. We don't, in fact, that's going to be difficult for both of us. But we are both trying to eat healthier, and think that switching to vegetarians may help.

I've read a lot about being vegetarian online, and we've gone to the bookstore and looked through some books. This is not something that I'm going to force on anyone, and we do not plan on removing meat from our diets completely until after the new year. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming there's just too many get togethers to organize and participate in to be able to do it. Also, this is not something that we are going to force on our kids. We do plan on offering them the same healthy meals that we eat, but I don't expect to completely remove hamburgers and lunch meat from their diets.

I have a few concerns about it. Mostly, I'm worried about being able to have enough variety in meals. That's why we are researching things now and getting recipes that we think we will like. We are also planning to start mixing in some of these meals between now and the new year to find ones that we know we will like. Another concern of mine is eating out. It's not something that we do a lot of, but I do probably go out for lunch once a week. I will have to change what I get when I go out for lunch. Also we occasionally go out to eat for dinner, adnt that is almost always some really good chicken or steak. Both of these will go away. I'm not sure what kind of vegetarian meals exist out there for these situations yet, but I'll be paying close attention the next time I'm at a restaraunt.