Monday, October 02, 2006

Kids fighting over God

A funny thing happened at dinner this weekend. Ady said the prayer for Dinner on Saturday and Jonas started pouting and said a silent (but whispering) prayer afterwards. At Breakfast on Sunday Jonas said the prayer and Ady complained "That's my prayer", then with our encouragment she repeated the prayer. At dinner we all said another prayer together, this time with no fighting.

I laughed when we said our last prayer together. It's like my kids are fighting over who likes God more and who gets to be his favored child. This is exciting to me. We like to try and make God a big part of our life. We don't make church a big part of our life, but we like to try to make God a big part of our life. Jonas usually picks out bible stories to read for bedtime and we have completely read his little beginners bible several times, it may be time to upgrade them to a more detailed version of the bible, so they can learn more.