Thursday, October 26, 2006

Jaden almost 1.

Tonight we went grocery shopping to get the party food for this weekend. Jaden is about to turn 1!!!! I'm vey excited. It's hard to believe it's been a year that he's been alive.
In the past year a lot has happened.
28th. Jaden was born. 6 pounds 7 ounes
29th, his brother and sister went to see the Wiggles with Grandma and Grandpa. We were going to make that a special bonding thing that Erin and I did with the kids, but the doctor decided that Jaden was coming early.
30th. Jaden comes home at 1 PM. He won't eat, acts strange and his temperature drops to 94. We take him to the ER in Clinton (this is the last time we will ever make that mistake), at 7 PM. At 12:30 he gets to Springfield NICU.

4th. We get home from NICU we received a call telling us that Jaden was borderline for Fatty Acid Oxidation disorder. (This ends up being a problem for the next several months)
Thanksgiving. Everybody gets to meet Jaden.

Erin's Birthday!!!
Christmas. It seems like the entire month is spent getting ready for parties. There are so many birthdays in December that even just buying everyone a card costs about $40.

Jonas Birthday.

February: I start complaining that Jaden hasn't rolled over yet.

March: Erin decides our house isn't full of enough stuff, so we go get a dog from Bland Missouri. It's a terribly long day and the dog throws up in the car less than 10 miles down the road. I thought about taking her back. Sometimes I think I should have.

May: Our wedding. Yes, you read correctly, Jaden was born before we were married. I'm not going to get into that. It's a great wedding, everything is beautiful, especially the bride. Oh yeah, and it's frickin cold.

The summer just zooms by. We have Jonas a lot, and I have to work a lot, at this time of night I don't remember much of what happened this summer. Jaden starts crawling some time in the summer.

Sign language class starts.
Jaden starts signing "more" when he wants more food.

October 2006:
Jaden starts walking.
Jaden starts signing "Please" He signs it when he wants something other than food that he can't reach. It's so cute, sign "Please", then reach and grunt, Sign please, then reach and grunt, rinse repeat. It's so cute.

There's a brief recap of what happened in the past year, with me being too tired to really give it the time needed to make it a great post.