Thursday, October 12, 2006

Funny Story

Everytime I say funny story right now, I think of my sign language class. The teacher will ask us if we have any funny stories to tell. There aren't many of us that feel comfortable enough to try and tell (sign) our funny stories. I try to, but mine usually aren't that great. So I really like it when little quirky funny things like this happen to me, because then I can tell my funny story in class.

And now back to our regular programming.

The other night I was putting Ady to bed and she had to go potty before bed, like always. While she was sititng there she started to fall in, and I told her to be careful so she didn't fall in....
A few seconds later she looks up at me and says, "it tickles daddy". What? "What tickles sweetie?" "The water on my butt." Uh, hrmm. uh...... "Don't put your butt in the water, your done, get up and wipe off your butt, your whole butt."

It's sometimes very hard to teach the kids how to behave properly when I just want to laugh at the things they are doing.