Friday, October 13, 2006

Football Week 6 picks

Week 6
SUN, OCT 16Pick
Buffalo at DetroitBuffalo
Carolina at BaltimoreCarolina
Cincinnati at Tampa BayCincinnati
Houston at DallasDallas
N.Y. Giants at AtlantaN.Y. Giants
Philadelhpia at New OrleansPhiladelphia
Seattle at St. LouisSt. Louis
Tennessee at WashingtonWashington
Kansas City at PittsburghPittsburgh
Miami at N.Y. JetsN.Y. Jets
San Diego at San FransicoSan Diego
Oakland at DenverDenver
MON, OCT 16Pick
Chicago at ArizonaChicago

This is the most upsets that I've picked in a week. There are several toss-ups that were hard to pick also.

The Bills are only 1 point favorites, which seems odd. I have a general rule that I don't pick a team the week after they play the Bears, but they're playing against Detroit, and I just can't bring myself to pick Detroit.

Carolina is a 3 point underdog to Baltimore, but I think Baltimore's offense is really hurting and that Carolina's offense is better than Denver was.

Despite TB being 5 point underdogs I almost picked them. I didn't only because the QB was a surprise in his first start, now that there is some film for teams to review I don't know that he'l perform as well.

Dallas is a 13 point favorite, pretty hard not to pick them.

I went with the Giants a 3.5 point underdog against Atlanta. Warrick Dunn has been shut down two weeks in a row, and the Giants have a decent defense with a good offense. Plus Tiki Barber is my Fantasy Football RB and it's time for him to break out a 3 TD game.

Phily is a 3 point favorite, their D is one of the most disruptive and Reggie Bush likes to fumble.

Seattle is a 3 point favorite, so I picked St. Louis. First, St. Louis only has one loss. 2nd Seattle is still playing without Alexander.

I picked Washington, who is an 11 point favorite, but after Tennessee only lost by 1 last week to Indy, and Washington's offense hasn't been that dynamic this year, I was shocked at the spread and the OverUnder being 39. I think this game will be lower than this, and would pick Tennessee against the spread.

I picked Pittsburgh who is 6.5 point favorites. Both teams have lots of injuries right now and I think this is going to be a tossup. How hurt Larry Johnson is after being tackled by the facemask last week may be the real deciding factor here.

I picked the Jets who are technically a 1 point favorite at home, but c'mon. Home field advantage is good for 3, so that's like picking an underdog. Why? Joey Harrington is the ex Detoit QB that couldn't win on the road. And he's the upgrade from Cullpepper.

It's San Diego at San Francisco. SD has an awesome running attack and a strong D. It could be a 2-1 time of possession ratio this week.

Denver is a favorite over just about anybody right now. Should a team averaging 12 points a game really be 15 point favorites? This may be one of the best offensive showings of the year for Denver.

I will not pick against the Bears this week. They could lose half of their team to injuries and I'd still pick them, they are something special.