Monday, October 23, 2006


Jonas called me this weekend, and was very happy and excited, we had a great 5 minute conversation, it was awesome. His cousin Kyle was there also. I haven't seen Kyle since before the divorce, other than a few pictures Trish has taken with Jonas and Kyle together. Jonas asked Kyle, "Do you want to talk to my daddy?" Then Kyle got on the phone and talked with me for a few minutes. He was such the little man. He told me he knows who I am because he sees pictures, but he doesn't remember that he's seen me before. I've thought about buying him birthday presents, but his mom was really mad because of the divorce, and I haven't because I just don't want to make open any old wounds there. After a few minutes Jonas asked Kyle, "Can I talk to my daddy again?" and Kyle told him, "No, I think he wants to talk to me a little longer".

It was a wonderful phone conversation, I wasn't on the phone 10 minutes total, but I got to talk to two happy little boys. That was a very touching phone call that made my day start great and stay great all day.