Friday, October 27, 2006

Don't lie to your kids

I was at McDonald's for lunch one day this week, and a lady and her 4 year old son were looking for a table. The boy kept saying, I want to eat in there, and pointed to the play area. His mom was persistent, "No, there arent' any empty tables in there. No, they are full in there. No there's no place for us to sit." The little boy went right up to the door and got really loud. "No it isn't!!! See that table is empty." Mom then said, let's sit right here and when we're done eating we can go play. I feel bad for this kid. I wasn't there when they went to play, but I doubt that he got to. Mom already had no problem lying to her son, and teaching him that lying is ok. There would have been nothing wrong with her saying, "No, we don't sit in the toy area, we eat out here, then go in there to play" or "I don't like sitting in there to eat, it's too loud for me, but you can go play when we are done eating." Either of these, so long as they are true would have been a better lesson to her son. Instead she taught him if you don't want to do something, lie and do what you want. It's a lesson he'll probably learn, because I doubt it's the last time he's taught it.