Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Blogs a terrorist friend?

Do blogs make terrorism easier?
Blogging has become an easy way to exchange information. an anymous email address can setup a an account and anything can be posted, including comments. If someone wanted to communicate through a known code, even a fairly easy code, they could do it on a blog. A coded acknowledgment could also be posted. It's possible that people on opposite sides of the world can send each other messages encoded in simple blogs.

Don't believe me? It's been posted recently that pictures can be used to send encrypted messages. A picture could appear, but be slightly off from the original. Blogger allows 3oo MB of free space, then all you have to do is create another blog account. There are also other sites on the web that offer free storage space and photo hosting, these can be used to host the photos while displaying them in blogs. Think about that the next time you hit the random button on blogger. Think about that the next time you see a blog that's just a lot of pictures. Could they be sending secret messages?