Friday, September 01, 2006

What a day.

I wonder if Karma was trying to keep me from going to Springfield tonight. Today was completely nuts for me. At work I was the supposed to be in charge of production support, which means that any trouble any system was having it was my responsibility to fix.

Instead, Jonas decided to have trouble breathing and have two breathing treatments at daycare. Erin told me to get him to the Doctor. "Sure no problem." I wasn't real happy about having to leave work scrambling to cover me, but the kids health definitely comes first; really I swear, I'm the family first kind of guy. I called the doctor and got an appointment just far enough away that I could pickup Jonas and get to the office. I practically ran out to my car only to find that the front driver side tire was flat. Not just flat, like out of air; blown, as in metal mesh jutting out from both the inside and outside. I started to change the tire, but realized, that wouldn't be very useful. I'm not going to be fast enough to get it changed and still get Jonas to his appointment. Looking as if my midlife crisis and a nervous breakdown just ran into each other, I started to head back into work. I was ready to break down and cry about how bad of a father I must be, while having to call the daycare and tell them that Jonas will just have to hold his breath until I get there, followed by calling the doctor to ask that they stay open extra late for me tonight, it takes a long time to walk 30 miles twice. Then a car pulled up coming back from lunch and one of the passengers asked if I needed help. I quickly ran through the story, and I must have sounded like I was a recent graduate from Auction U.

Holly, it turns out is an extremely nice lady. She really doesn't know squat about me. Just that I sit in the corner, listen to my headphones and am mostly quiet while I work. It's better that way, not only does my voice sound like I'm 15 and on drugs, I don't ever seem to have anything clever to say. With about the most that she knows about me being from looking at the beat up Hyundai that I'm trying to change a tire on, she says, "You can use my truck, it's right over here".

WOW!!! Are you serious. I'm practically a stranger. Thank you God for putting Holly on this planet, Bless her and keep her safe.

Her truck is a nice Jeep Cheroke. And I'm on the road. The trip to get Jonas went faster than it's ever gone. I swore her spedometer was broken. 80 has got to be too fast. Does that really say 80, why is this semi passing me? Why am I still going 80 and not passing cars. Well, I was going 80, I'm a big enough nerd that I monitored the number of seconds between the mile markers. All that math did come in useful.

The Doctor's office was fine, Jonas it turns out only has a cold which is aggravating his asthma. I have to give him a treatment every 4 hours for the next 24 hours, and get him a liquid steroid. Back to work to change the tire. It took 25 minutes to get into and out of work. All I had to do was give Holly her keys back, wouldn't you know it, after 6 years working there, I know practically everyone in the building and most of them have seen Jonas. They all wanted to know about his broken leg. Here's how that conversation goes every time.

"What happened to your leg?" "I broke it." "I can tell you broke it, how did you break it." "I was at my grandpas and I was jumping and it turned up under me like this (grab other leg and twist)". "That must have hurt". Yeah, that's exactly how it goes every time. 12 different conversations in 25 minutes, exactly the same. I could have handed them their lines.

It took me about an hour to change the tire. The jack was a pain, and the car was parked on a slight hill. During that hour the car backed up just enough to fall off the jack twice. I don't have a rock spare, I have another tire, but it's bigger, and flat. After finally getting the tire changed I now have a flat driver's front tire. Ahhh!!! What was the point of that, maybe I should have just driven on the rim to the store. Luckily for me Rick was outside and I know him as a pretyy handy guy. He had an air compressor in his car. Thank you God for Rick and his help. Twice now the people I work with have shown that they are extremely helpful and great people. I've known that for a long time, I work with some really great people.

Finally, I'm ready to go to Walmart, it's 3:40. Walmart was fun. Jonas was tired. He has been stuck pretty much sitting still for the past 3 hours. It's not a good thing for him. But I have to deal with the guy at Walmart. 25 minutes later I finally am done at the counter. They are getting me two new front tires. I really need all 4, but the back two have different size rims and cost more and the technician doesn't seem very happy about it. At least from my untrained eye the back two look a lot better than the front two did, so I'll just get those.

Erin is now on her way to get me from Walmart. The lady who has since taken over for the guy who checked me in doesn't seem to happy with me wanting to leave the car overnight. "You can, and we'll lock it up, but we're not responsible if anything happens." I'll take my chances. Erin will be here in a minute, Jonas has been asking for a drink for an hour and half, I have to pee and I still haven't had lunch. Thankfully Walmart can solve all of these problems. But where will I meet Erin. I forgot my cell phone, and took hers when I got Jonas from the daycare, so I can be reached, but she doesn't have anything to reach me. I'll just guess that she'll meet me in the car department. Quickly, push the cart quickly... The bathroom, then French fries from the deli section, then a pop and pay, hurry back to the auto section, who the heck is calling me from behind.... "Erin, hey sweetie, I love you" That's so weird how did she find me in the middle of the store like that? Did I miss the page? Ok, let's get out of here.

We made it to Springfield for the party. Maybe Karma isn't working against me. Of course Jonas is had even more trouble breathing, and Bryan decided to take a nap, a very long nap. I got to eat dinner, but I missed getting to sing happy birthday to Bryan and I didn't get to see him play in his cake. That's ok though, I got to wake up at 1:30 and give Jonas a breathing treatment.

With as crazy as the day was, it was still a great day. Jonas is not having too much trouble and will get better over the next week. I have to go pick up the car tomorrow, but the tires will be safe. I did get to see Bryan, but more importantly I got to tell his parents how lucky they are to have had this absolute miracle born at 23 weeks, exactly one year ago.