Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Weight loss observations.

Lately I've been trying to exercise more. I've been fairly successful at getting a few runs in during the week. And I've gotten myself in the habit of doing weightless exercises such as situps, pushups, and sqauts whenever I feel like I'm not doing something else. The good thing is that this has started working and my weight is dropping (yeah for me). However I find that I'm hungry more now. I'm not really cutting any food down, I'm just exercising more.

There's some interesting observations that I've made about this.
1. I'm always craving carbohydrates. I don't just want food, anything that's not carbs doesn't look good to me. And by carbs, it doesn't have to be junk food, pasta and potatoes are the biggest cravings I have.
2. When I eat carbs I am never full. I could eat 3 pounds of potatoes, I've come close.
3. Fiber does not satisfy any hunger that I have. I buy Shredded wheat and raisin bran because they have the most fiber (from readig the labels) but I still crave more food.
4. I cannot eat cereal for breakfast because I will starve.
5. Right now fatty foods are grossing me out. When I eat something fatty I gag. I have no idea what's causing that. Maybe it's the results of those hypnosis tapes that I was doing.
6. Protein, although it never looks appetizing to me, is the only thing that satisfies my hunger. I've been making sure I have some kind of meat to eat in the morning for breakfast, and for lunch.

I do what I can to eat healthy. I love salads, and use lots of lettuce and not many toppings in my salads. I just can't eat the salad and be full if it doesn't have any meat in it.